Managing Symptoms of Cold, Flu, and Cough

Taking care of our body is like taking care of the future. If our body is weak, it is so hard for us to be efficient at work, school and to do our day to day activities. That is why it is very important to take care of it by making sure we eat healthy food, exercise and let it rest. Unfortunately, nowadays people are having challenges in doing these things.

Managing Symptoms of Cold, Flu, and Cough
Managing Symptoms of Cold, Flu, and Cough

Most of us choose to eat fast food rather than cooking our own food, having a nightlife to relax rather than sleeping early to rest. These are choices we made to our body and eventually causing our body to be weak. If our body is weak then we are prone to illnesses like cold, flu, cough and sometimes worst. But when having these sicknesses it is important to give extra care to your body. Let me tell you some tips on how to manage the symptoms of cold, flu and cough.

Take All the Time to Rest

Listen to your body, having cold, flu and cough is like your body is murmuring and pleasing you to rest. Make use of your sick leave at work, on the first day of your flu make sure to stay at home and make a call to your office or school to make sure you will be excused to work for a few days. It is the most important time to take care and love your body, help yourself to be cured.

When you are at home, you are far from viruses that can worsen your flu and you can easily sleep and eat healthy food. Resting is not all about sleeping, you can relax by sitting on a couch while listening to your favourite music or anything that can make you feel relaxed. Your body needs that while it is fighting against viruses.

Hydrate Your Body

It is very important to stay hydrated especially when you are sick, it will be your source of energy to fight the virus. If you drink a lot of fluid then you are going to pee out all the toxic and bacteria in your body that causes flu. It is not necessary to drink just water, but it can be fruit juices and other healthy drink that your body can benefit. However, if it is not available then water is enough.

Take Medications

To fasten the development of treatment, you can take medications for cold, flu and cough. It will also give you relief from the symptoms of these illnesses. There are a lot of over the counter medicines you can buy. If you have a fever then you can take analgesics drug to reduce it.  Decongestants like Lodrane can relieve the symptoms of cold, flu, cough and runny nose. If you want to dry out your nose then you can take antihistamines, it will also help you to easily take a sleep and rest. You can use Lodrane coupon to get discounts from pharmacies.

Be Surrounded With A Clean Environment

If the immune system of your body is weak it will be more prone to viruses and when it stays longer it will cause flu. So you must make sure that you will stay in a place that is clean and far from viruses. You can use humidifiers or vaporizer to moisten the dryness of the air in your house. It also helps to ease cough and congestion. Do not use the warm mist to avoid the growth of molds in your house. A clean surrounding is a clean body.

Eat Food That Can Make Your Body Strong

When your body is weak then find a source of energy which can be found in food. Here are different types of food that you can eat when you have the flu, cough and cold; a broth, chicken soup, garlic that can enhance immunity, yogurt, fruits that are rich in vitamin C, leafy greens, broccoli, oatmeal, and spices. These are the food that you can easily prepare in your kitchen and it is better than taking over the counter medications.


Preventing these illnesses to happen is better than cure. Do not wait until it is your body will give up, while you still have the strength then make sure to take care of your body. There are a lot of easy and affordable ways to be fit, like eating healthy food such as vegetables, fish and just the right amount of meat.

In order for you to avoid eating unhealthy food outside, make time to prepare your food at home and bring it with you. Instead of buying crackers, cake and soda you can eat apples, orange and other fruits to be your snack. It is more affordable and healthy. Do not be lazy when it comes in taking care of your body, do what is right and be amazed of what you can be when you have a healthy and strong body.

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