What is Digital Marketing? What Types of Digital Marketing Effective for SEO

Digital marketing is the part of marketing. First of all, we should understand what marketing is all about? Marketing is selling any product or increasing the awareness of any product to the end user is called as marketing. So, similarly when the marketing will be done digitally or online is called digital marketing. Digital marketing generally known as online marketing. Internet usage and media comes with a new concept called digital marketing. It can be accessed broadly and considered as future business development.

Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018:-

Digital marketing has several advantages over traditional offline marketing. User get information easily with access on the internet and on mobile devices worldwide and we can connect with related targeted user very easily. Marketers use digital tactics to attract and switch audiences online. This is a new phase of marketing helps to gain good status, which is important for the survival of the business.

Digital marketing has commonly below are the methods:

  1. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is commonly used by the sellers. This is the best way to advertise the product. Email marketing is increasing product awareness through email. We can also send the group email instead of sending separate through well known software called “Gmass”. Most of the user, uses emails and this is the very best way to interact with the targeted consumers.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO stands for Search engine Optimization. It is an organic way of optimizing the online content and improve the ranking on search engine result page. In order to rank, there are so many factors involved like Title, keywords, etc. SEO is of two types ON-Page and OFF-Page. ON-Page is maintaining 16 factors which relate to quality of content as well as distribution of your major keywords on the website. OFF-Page is building links with other reputed website in order to rank our website or increase the SEO of a website. It will be done after 2months of website creation.

  1. SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

SEM is Search Engine Marketing. When the user searches his/her query on the search page, SEM will ensure to appears your website on the top of the search page. In order to understand SEM, we must clearly understand SEO first. It is the effective way to spread your website in this digital business world. Basic components of SEM id ad auction, ad bid and quality score.

  1. Pay Per click (PPC):

Pay per click is also called as PPC cycle. PPC cycle is the fastest way to reach towards your audience. Pay per click means you have to pay whenever anyone click on your ad. Eg. If one click pays Rs2, then 1000 clicks becomes Rs. 2000 need to pay for your ad campaign. This will enhance the viewer and helps to improve the quality of your ad campaign. The Performance of the ad determined by CTR i.e. Click through Rate.

  1. SMM (Social Media Marketing):

SMM is Social Media Marketing. Nowadays, we spend lots of time on Social Media. Social media is Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc. The platform where we socially connect through internet or we can say platform through which we connect with the outside world. When we do marketing on this platform,  then we call it as social media marketing. The primary goal of SMM is to enhance the brand awareness of the product and service as well as customer reach. On social media, we can easily target those audiences,  which are suitable for our business.

  1. Display Advertising:

Display ads are the ads which mainly displays with the search engines like google, yahoo, etc.  It is the way of spreading the message through images, logos, audio or video, etc. to communicate with the targeted audience. It is also called as Banner ads. The Seller can display ads as per the consumers’ search behavior.

  1. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is the type of marketing the quality content by sharing free content with relevant reputed customer to attract new customer. This informative piece can be shared in a way of images, videos, articles, etc. This will help to build strong relations with other website in order to provide them high quality content.

We can say all these above methods will help us to stand in this online business world. We all are slowly and slowly converted into digital form. Our day to day activities are also done digitally. Eg. Paying bills, watching matches, etc. digital marketing will improve lots of opportunities of earning money. Many institutes are involved in digital marketing course, the Digital technology institute is the best one. Here all modules are covered while studying as well as teachers also help to learn the different way of earning money without investing extra money.

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