London Trip: Top Five Must See Places of London

Best London Tourist Place

No doubt, London is one of the most popular and busy travel destinations in the world. Travelers from various parts of the world visit London to discover its beautiful travel destinations and everyday life. If you are also marking the date to visit London, then you must know about the places that you cannot afford to miss out while visiting London. Before you know the best travel spots there, you can check a Luggage storage guide to have some additional help & support. Whether you want to go with your family or friends, London can turn out to be a fantastic choice.

Best London Tourist Place
Top five must-see places of London

At the present time, people want to have a pleasant and comfortable London sightseeing tour in which they can watch all modern and historic tourist attractions of London. Whether you talk about the Tower Of London or the London Eye, there are thousands of places you can explore in London. As a beginner, you must know that there are several tourist attractions in London that are free to meet up. It is possible for you to get some discounted entries and special offers while visiting the best travel destinations of London by using a London pass.

  1. Big Ben

First and foremost, you need to introduce yourself to Big Ben that is one of the most well-known landmarks in London. It is the Elizabeth tower and the houses of parliament that people know as Big Ben. If you are looking to visit the top places in London, Big Ben should be one of them. Inside the clock tower, you can find a massive Bell that is having 13760 kg or more than that weight.

In the same situation, you should know that big Ben was established in the year 1859. Perhaps, you have also seen the experience of big ban in many popular TV shows and movies.

  1. The London Eye

The London Eye globally known as the Millennium Wheel is a popular watching wheel on that is located on the Thames River in London. It is located on the South Bank of this river. At the present moment, it is the largest watching Wheel in the globe. You should also know that it was developed in the year 1999 that has a height of 135 meters.

In order to get a stunning view of London equal to 25 kilometers in all roads, you will have to visit this place. Overall, this will be the place where you should visit in London to get a 360-degree view of the London.

  1. Tower of London

When it comes to visiting Fortress and castle in London, you cannot afford to overlook the tower of London. It is a very popular place that is said to be 900 years old. This place is also known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace.

If you have never seen some immense walls that look attractive, then this is the place to explore such walls. Most of the people love to visit Tower of London because of the anthology of crown jewels. According to the experts, everyone should visit Tower of London in their trips as this will give them more knowledge about the history of the same city. You should also know that Tower of London is developed by William the Conqueror.

  1. Westminster Abbey

If you have a dream of exploring the prominent architecture of stunning London sights, you must visit the Westminster Abbey in London. It is a very significant landmark in the British history that is known for ceremonial events like the royal weddings and funerals.It is a special place to explore the British royalty that is publicly known as anidealistic church of St Peter in Westminster.  In 1065, Westminster Abbey was established by Edward the Confessor.

At the present time, this is the place where most of the royal weddings take place in London. According to some recent reports, more than a million visitors trip this historic landmark every year. At this particular place, you will explore the Tomb of the unknown Warrior. You can see a lot of memorials here.

  1. The British Museum

If you want to enjoy the London trip a little bit more, you must visit the British Museum that is known for providing a wide range of human knowledge. It was founded in the year 1753.  However, it was actually started in the year 1759. According to the reports, it was the first-ever nationwide museum in London to wrap all fields of human being information.

The most prominent thing about visiting the British Museum in London is that it is free of cost to visit. On the other hand, you can talk about Middle-Eastern rooms as well as the Egyptian rooms that certainly make the British Museum a commendable place to visit. Before you use Luggage storage guide now, you can have this knowledge about the British museum in London.

If you also want to visit the British Museum, you can consider the morning time and much preferable way to explore some fun there. You can take your kids on such a trip as they can learn more about the history and other subjects. It will be a great time for you to expand your general knowledge when you visit this museum.

With a bit of luck, you have successfully become familiar with the top five must-see places in London that you can never overlook while visiting London.

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