Information for Teens: Knowing Menstrual Cups

Menstruation is an inevitable health reproductive condition that makes a woman experience bleeding every month for three days to a week. The blood discharge that women often signifies that she is fertile enough to have a baby or pregnancy, for short.

The menstrual cycle starts around puberty stage in women wherein certain physical changes occur. Commonly, girls get their first period when they are around 12 years old. However, getting it any time between ages 10 (early) or 15 (late) is okay since every girl’s body is different and has its own schedule.

Information for Teens Knowing Menstrual Cups
Information for Teens Knowing Menstrual Cups

With this said, girls (now turning into a woman), needs to know about the feminine products or menstrual hygiene products since they will be experiencing the monthly blood discharge. Menstrual cups are one of the products that you can use, especially now that it is flying off the shelves since it has gained its fame.

Does it Have Age Limits?

One of the common questions in using menstrual cups like daisy menstrual cup is if a girl who just started her menstrual cycle is old enough to use one. So, the answer to that is that, yes! You can use the menstrual cup even if you are as young as 12 years old.

Like every other woman who had her first menstruation and went through the getting-to-know anatomy of one’s body, using menstrual cups also has the same procedures. Your first time in using menstrual cups should be like you having baby steps in menstruation cycle slowly but surely– with lots of practice using the menstrual cup.

What Should Menstrual Cup a Teen Use?

A smaller menstrual cup size should do well for teens who just started their period. Menstrual cups that are smaller and shorter are squishier inconsistency, which is easier during the menstrual cup like the daisy cup’s insertion.

So, why is it recommended that young girls opt for small size menstrual cups? Well, it is because the muscles and hymen are still tighter. Thus it would be much easier for you to insert and use the smaller cup.

Here’s a tip, the best time to insert the cup is during your period and in the comfort of your bathroom at home since the vagina is more flexible than usual. Also, the blood works as a lubricant so that the cup will just easily be inserted inside the vagina without it scraping roughly against your walls.

Does the Menstrual Cup Break the Hymen?

The hymen is situated at the entrance of the vagina, which is composed of a thin tissue that partially covers the entrance.

Many women or most of the community believes that hymen can only be torn when you first have your sexual intercourse. However, this may not be the case since the hymen can be torn in many ways possible such as activities like sports. Over time, it dissolves through discharge and hormones.

Inserting anything into the vagina can tear the hymen. This includes internal menstrual products like menstrual cups and tampons.

In some countries, the presence of hymen significantly weighs on a woman’s virginity. But hey, a virgin person is someone who has not yet had sex, right? Especially that it is your body, so your choice.

Information Resources

If you are a teen or a parent of a teenager, then it would be helpful if you know about healthy menstrual care options that are available for teens, right?

Thus, for your information about female anatomy, here are the information that would allow you to incorporate more knowledge about a woman’s body.

Puberty. The obvious signs of puberty are growth spurs like the widening of the hips and the development of breasts, as well as the growth of hair on underarms, legs, and genital area.

Now, the most obvious sign of having your first period will be the vaginal discharge, which means that your body is ready for menstruation to take place.

Personal Hygiene. This action will now become the essential thing that you should do since periods can get really messy. Now, the key here is having fresh underwear and washing the vulva with water daily.

Washing the vulva with cleaning agents might damage the healthy environment of the vagina. Especially if you tend to over-wash, thinking that it makes it much cleaner. However, doing so often leads to dryness and itching, and you wouldn’t want that, don’t you?


Menstrual cups are now becoming the girl’s best friend due to the benefits that one can get from using the said menstrual hygiene product. With this said, you might want to opt to choose this too as your companion during the visit of Aunt Flow.

Thus, if you were wondering anything about menstrual cups and how it affects a young woman’s body, then hopefully your queries have been answered by the discussion above.

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