Influence of Social Media on Dating

Social networks used for dating and communication are becoming increasingly popular among adolescents and adults. Social networks, in terms of the number of participants, can be compared with the population of an entire country. Such popularity of social media makes many researchers undertake studies to determine the impact of social media on dating, relationships as well as the psychological and emotional development of people. Psychology of social media tells that a person, communicating and interacting in a network, as it seems to them, can safely and freely satisfy many of their natural, biological, psychological and emotional desires and needs. For example, if you visit, you will be able to meet a soulmate who will share your dreams and aspirations.

Influence of Social Media on Dating
Influence of Social Media on Dating

Dating on Social Networks

Many people use social networks for dating, trying to find friends and loved ones to establish close relationships; often, it is about real meetings and relationships. However, people who live in different cities and even regions get used so much to correspondence, audio, and video chats that this can become a stumbling block for the desired meeting and the continuation of relationships in real life. An acquaintance in social networks very often leads people to psychological deadlocks since frequent non-compliance with expectations, blatant lie and exaggeration of one’s positive features, as well as outright fraud in virtual relationships, leads to despair, depression, psychological and emotional suffering.

Social Networks for Communication

Social networks are created for communication, but you shouldn’t replace offline communication with constant communication in social networks. Only offline communication and interaction can satisfy a person’s biological needs. True friendship and love, as well as intimate relationships, cannot be conceived in social networks. They can maintain existing relationships due to the impossibility of a real meeting.

Benefits of Social Networks

Studies show that there are many benefits of social media in the dating process. Sometimes, when communicating in social networks, a person who is not learned to communicate, who is timid and indecisive or has many complexes, can open up, feel like a whole creative person and satisfy some psychological needs while communicating in a social network. It helps them take the first step on the way to a happy future. The main thing is to not overdo and don’t hesitate to meet offline.

Dependence on Social Media

When you choose communication on social media over meetings, in reality, you can reinforce dependence on social networks. Replacing normal and natural human contacts, which include, in addition to verbal interaction and the exchange of texts and media files, non-verbal communication, using the usual senses: touch, smell, taste as well as facial expressions and gestures, posture, people often become similar to “socially disabled people.” Those who cannot establish normal contacts, which play a crucial role for personal, family, and working relationships, often cannot find a common language and do not understand each other.

A person who is dependent on social networks and virtual communication can experience huge difficulties with normal intimate relationships, both in love and in friendship. Such a person can experience a mission drift in thinking and concepts as well as in feelings and emotions. Many people who ignore offline life and dating become not responsible for their lives and fate, living according to a certain life scenario.

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