What important Safety measures you take before you Travel?

Travelling is all about increasing horizon and exploring new places. Travel arrangements come with a myriad of challenges. Key among the challenges is safety. There is an adage that safety begins with you.  We are living in the era of globalization and the world as we know it has become a global village. It is therefore implied that you can get information about every destination of the world at the comfort of your couch. When planning to travel, be it locally or internationally, it goes without saying that safety is none negotiable. Travel safety is an all-around affair. It calls for sober engagement and seeking the right information about one’s travel arrangement. It is paramount to make safety a priority when traveling.  This will go a long way in making one’s travel glitches free.

What important Safety measures you take before you Travel
What important Safety measures you take before you Travel

Travel Information Safety

When planning to travel internationally, data and device security are a factual challenge.  When one is traveling to another country, the need to seek information from the internet, and make payments through the internet is inevitable. This comes with the use of devices such as laptops, smartphones, and etc. Alongside it also involves sharing some very personal information. The use of these gadgets exposes the devices and the data shared to a new age breed of malicious people called hackers and cybercriminals.  When seeking information from the internet, it is advisable to employ rudimentary safety tips to make one’s trip enjoyable from the time one is planning to the moment one is returning.

HTPPS Website Security Check

When seeking information about various destinations and means by which payments will be made, it is imperative that the traveller engages a safe website naming SSL equipped or HTTPS websites. The traveller should be keen on HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). HTTPS is widely used for a computer network insecure communication. It is thus widely used on the internet. The ‘S’ indicates that the interface is secure and encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). In the absence of the S there being HTTP the traveller should be worry, and any information shared is not safe, encrypted and is subject to fraud and other cyber-related crimes. However, there are different SSL certificate types and out of the EV SSL certificate is the most trusted SSL certificate, it not only shows HTTPS but also shows verified company name in the address bar.

EV SSL certificate not only verifies the business identity but also, gives the user confidence to browse the website in a secure environment. It assures visitors that the site which they are browsing is totally secured against data theft. EV SSL certificate adds company name with a green bar in browser so, anyone can check the authenticity of a website. EV SSL certificate provides a secure platform for the exchange of sensitive information and data.

International Travel Advisory Briefs

     Before embarking on an international trip, it is advisable to register your journey and sign in for travel alerts and advisories. This registrations and sign-ins provide critical information about where one is traveling to. Among the information availed to the traveller are natural disasters, likely to happen, political strife, health warning like possible outbreaks and quarantine of any. Such information is usually relayed to the traveller hastening travellers’ safety.

Electronic Devices Safety

It is advisable to leave personal data and devices at home. Before boarding on a trip, one can seek the assistance of a loaner device.  Better still, one can leave his device in a safe place if there will be no need to access the data stored.

Irrespective of the gadget one has whether it is a loaner computer, or individual computer, tablet or smartphone one is traveling with, it is highly recommended to have a backup of all the data that one has. In the unfortunate event, one may lose data through malware corruption, or the device by whichever way the traveller will always be sure of the safety of his data. On the same breath, installation and configuration of encryption software limit the access of the information in the device. This applies mostly if the device is stolen. The data can only be accessed by the traveller or any other authorized person.  The security software is easy to use and setup.  There are some countries which restrict the use of imported security software. It is vital to seek to know about the import law of the country one is traveling to. In the event such restrictions exist, the traveller may opt to carry a loaner computer leaving his data and device home.

 The traveller should also confirm that the operating system of the devices in use and their antiviruses are updated. The traveller should always avoid plugging in untrusted accessories. They mostly come from untrusted sources. They can be infected with malware intended to steal data from the traveller. Among them are charging cables and flash drives also SD cards. If they are a necessity while traveling, they should be bought from trusted sources. The traveller should avoid the use of public Wi-Fi to access website information. Cybercriminals can effortlessly skit Wi-Fi network names to connect to gadgets within their surrounding for eavesdropping.

Website Safety

It is advisable to practice safe web browsing and prefer HTTPS websites as they are safe to browse. The commonly visited website can become gateways through which hacker and cybercriminals can steal your data by infecting reputable or seemingly reputable websites with malware. This threat is magnified using public connections like hotels, airports, and cafes. It is advisable for the traveller to desist from clicking on suspicious links or prompts. Malicious links may present themselves in the form of pop-ups.  Malicious websites usually plan attacks to take advantage of the traveller’s curiosity. When the traveller is using a device that does not belong to him/her, it is advisable to clear browsing session information. Not all websites log one out completely after clicking “log out.” This may allow the next person to access your data and information and use it to your disadvantage. Report by Dashlane found out that 89% of travel-related websites have unsafe password practices, thus leaving travellers’ account exposed to hackers. Travel Website Password Power Rankings revealed that only one travel related website received an excellent score of 5/5 in their password practices out of 55 websites. The report also revealed more critical security issues in the travel websites; 96 % travel sites tested did not provide 2FA (two-factor authentication). The Dashlane report also found out that 81% of travel websites did not even offer users with password strength assessment tools during the account creation process.

Broader Safety View

The traveller should not limit his safety to the world of information technology and the HTTPS website only. It is recommended to make the trip safe in all dimensions. The traveller should use the information technology to seek information on other travel matter not related to technology. Health is such an integral part of any trip. It’s critical to endeavor to find to know about the health and diet conditions of the country one is traveling to. It is necessary to seek information on the proper vaccine before traveling. Seek enough of over the counter supplies like pain killers bug repellents, probiotics, and motion sickness pills. For safety reasons, the traveller is recommended to seek to know the contact numbers for emergency services. Among them being police contacts, fire department, and ambulance. Also, attempt to know about the location of your country’s embassy. Travel insurance also come in handy in the event of an injury, trip to the hospital, and loss of personal belongings.  Communication of the country where one is on safari too is vital. This will act to deter scammers.  Other security tips that traveller should consider employing includes avoiding flashing money to keep scammers and pickpockets off. Also, personal properties should be kept safe. Staying safe is more of effort than choice. When one is traveling, it is paramount to have some knowledge of the surroundings one is moving to.


Travelling is one of the most exceptional opportunity to de-stress from the busyness of daily hustles and means to broaden our horizons; the safety that comes with traveling cannot be underestimated. The modern traveller must come into terms with digital and technological hazards that come with traveling preparations. The website provides arrange of information ranging from booking flights, hotel reservations, and seeking the appropriate means of transport, not forgetting getting to know about the environs of the destinations. It is critical to be cautious and to be wary of any unforeseen misadventure. As the legal axiom says, ignorance is no defence. Every traveller should gird himself with the above tips on safety since to be informed is to be forearmed.

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