Implants: Beyond the folk tale

Improved skills, techniques and freaky cases have opened up a long way in dentistry and to fit in this transformation Senthil Dental Care brings you total tooth replacement through Dental implant services. Our dental implant surgeons specialize in highly effective procedures which highly durable and cost effective thereby making SDC as one of the best dental implant clinics in Chennai. Today we call this branch as modern dentistry were some myths still come from word of mouth and such misconceptions form an understatement result in poor dental behavior. To dispel such tales let us go through some of the most common information that will help you bust this belief.

dental implant
dental implant

Dental implants are painful!

The most common belief about dental implants is very unpleasant and aching. Not only implants the whole of the dentistry branch is being misinterpreted by the fear of pain. This is why more than 60% of the population never make up their mind to visit a dentist. This is completely false as the recent developments have brought in anesthesia and nitrous oxide; with which the patients no longer have a chance to undergo such pain. The best dental implant service can be made available by making the process more convenient thereby minimizing the patient’s anxiety.

Does it work with your existing teeth?

Modern dentistry has been coming up with new ways of tooth replacements and by far dental implants have proven to be the best of all. Even then most of us always have a second thought on it. With longevity being the major reason followed by no damage to adjacent teeth and their reliability dental implants has made their place. To be more precise they are self-supporting and work like real teeth.

Isn’t it risky and ineffective?     

We have the perception that implants are risky and aren’t really high in effectiveness.  The threat of implants falling out does not arise in the newer treatment process and nor the adjacent teeth are affected. Hence you don’t end up risking the functioning of your healthy teeth. Although if you are still nervous, then talk to your dentist and neighbours. Implants have an age of 40 years. Moreover, research reveals that the success rate of implants is around 95% – 100% when compared to other replacement alternatives.

Healing takes more than a while!

To begin with, it is all in our hands to prove the statement right or wrong. Self-care is all it takes for a quick recovery. So rather than calling it a myth start self-care to make it untrue. Still, to an extent, recovery time varies from patient to patient based on the depth of the surgery. Therefore it is advisable to follow the instructions of your surgeon for a fast relief. Also, remember that over the counter medication usually suffice for pain. 

They are clearly visible

The major fact that dental implant is the best replacement option for getting your natural look back doesn’t even give way to the point that they are clearly visible. Also, your implants may look real until you know how not to reveal it. Looking at it from the other side, it also depends upon your dentist of how well he works to cover the surgery and the materials used and their quality.

It goes without saying that all of us wish to be well informed before getting the treatment done and that’s when we come across such fictions. Therefore, it is advisable that you discuss it with your dentist about the same and know it if you are qualified to undergo such surgery. Start early for a better oral health.

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