How to Sell Your Used Car Fast?

How to Sell Your Used Car Fast

You may have already put some money down on a brand-new car, or maybe you’re putting money down in preparation for moving out of the country. You absolutely must sell your car as soon as possible. 

Even when the climate in Australia is pleasant, selling a car may be a stressful experience for those involved. Now the common question that arises here is that is there a straightforward way by which the car can be disposed of easily. 

And the answer is of course there is and it is highly recommended that you follow these steps correctly to have a great experience selling your car.

#1: Make It Presentable

If the clock is ticking and the sale is approaching, consider hiring a detailer. It’s the simplest option but can cost hundreds of dollars. Because of the value gain, we advocate doing this. Having a dog or smoking in your car requires this. There may be unpleasant odors in the house that you don’t know about.

Although exposing scuffs and flaws up close may appear awful, it may reassure a potential customer that you are honest. Rather than detailing, wash it inside and out. A sneaky hint: toothbrushes are great for tough places.

#2: Capture Some Great Images of Your Car

Don’t worry about it if you aren’t already an expert. Even in low light, smartphones can do an excellent job, so using a professional photographer is optional.

Take photographs from all different viewpoints. It encompasses the interior and exterior and all perspectives of the front and back seats. If you do not present images taken from these angles, potential customers may become dissatisfied or ask for additional information. 

The readings from an odometer are often used to verify mileage in private advertising under the classifieds of Used Cars Frankston.

#3: Marketing in the Digital Age

After using the free valuation tool as a starting point, you may check the current privately used ads for your make and model to see what prices are prevalent in the market. If you pick a comparable listing and undercut it, even by a little, yours will get more attention. In the face of stiff competition, this strategy for boosting your ad’s profile is more important than ever.

Check that your ad’s manufacturer, model, and options are accurate. By entering the vehicle identification number and state, you should get all the important details about your vehicle to potential buyers.

While crafting your ad, highlight unique features such as a sunroof, sporty exterior features, and limited-edition status. Contrarily, if you gloss over the car’s defects in the ad, potential buyers won’t be aware of them when they come to inspect the vehicle. Advertise any value-adding features, such as a long registration or a recent major service done to your car.

#4: Give Plenty of Time For Inspection 

If you deliver your services at times convenient for your customers, you will almost certainly see a rise in the amount of money you bring in. If customers may view the automobile at times that are convenient for them, they are more likely to patronize your company. Customers are interested in making purchases when the moment is right for them.

#5: Schedule Visits

Having a viewing at your own home is often the most convenient option and can also give you a bargaining advantage. The buyer may double-check the V5 registration form with your home address to ensure it is correct.

It’s a good idea for prospective purchasers to bring friends or family members to the showroom to help them check out the car. In all likelihood, anyone, like say a car dealer Brighton, who has asked for the RAC to inspect on their behalf may arrive with a certified mechanic in tow. 

In most cases, the buyer will be inspected from outside the vehicle, so there is no need to welcome them inside. Check the car over quickly to ensure there are no obvious issues before they arrive, like a good vacuum to remove any dirt and whether it normally operated when you first started the engine.


Although it seems like a massive job, selling a car alone is relatively easy. By adhering to these straightforward methods mentioned above, you will get the best price possible on the sale of your automobile.

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