How to Score 100 in Class 11 Physics

Class 11 Physics

Physics is among the most important subjects for science stream students. It is the most fundamental science among others. However, the subject is neither very easy nor very tough. It is often considered a complex subject by students who find concepts to be confusing and numericals difficult to be solved. Physics is a crucial subject not only for the Board Examination but also for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, WBJEE, NDA, KVPY, TES where it remains the compulsory and most scoring subject for its objectivity.

Why is studying physics important?

  • Everything around us has concepts of physics from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles everything works on the principles of physics
  •  physics will serve in satisfying your curiosity
  • Physics offers a versatile option for a wide range of bright future careers 
  • Physics has many interesting branches like astrophysics, cosmology, photonics, biophysics which will open research careers for one
  • Physics also forms a base for subjects like oceanography, seismology, and medical science
  • Physics will strengthen your problem-solving skills and improve your quantitative reasoning
  • Concepts of physics like string theory and relativity have led to great discoveries in technology ranging from supercomputers to lasers used for treating cancer.

CBSE Board physics question paper pattern

Knowing the pattern of the question paper will give you an overall idea of how you have to frame the answers for your final examination day for respective questions. You can prepare accordingly and score better than others. Benefits of knowing the question paper pattern

  • Help with time management
  • bring s to your notice your silly mistakes
  • Briefs you about the strategy of exam
  • Self-evaluation becomes easy
  • The physics paper will be of total 100 marks out of which 70 marks will be allotted for theory and the rest 30 marks for practical or internal assessment
  • The total time for answering the theory paper is 3 hours
  • The question paper contains MCQs, fill in the blanks, short type answers, and long answers
  • Marks allowed for questions varies from 1 mark to a maximum of 5 marks

Important Chapters of Physics 

There are some chapters in your physics textbook that require more attention than other chapters. But do not make the mistake of avoiding any topic or leaving out a chapter since every 1 mark will count in the exam. Some chapters and the topics present within them will carry more marks weightage and undoubtedly you can expect questions from them, paying attention more to them will help you improve your overall marks. For example, the chapter semiconductor carries around 8 marks whereas optic constitutes around 14 marks of the total. Some other important chapters are as follows

  • Vectors
  • Kinematics and Circular motion
  • Work and Energy
  • Current Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Dual nature of matter
  • Electrostatic

Here are some tips that one can follow to score good marks in physics 

Know your Syllabus first

The first step for exam preparation is having a thorough knowledge of the entire syllabus. The syllabus portrays important units by listing down topics covered under it from where questions will be framed. The CBSE Board question paper is framed only from within the syllabus. Be thorough with it and do not expect anything from out of the syllabus. Refer to your NCERT Books Class 11 Physics for your preparation. You can also add some reference books to id but do not overburden yourself. Have knowledge about the marks distribution to each topic in the syllabus.

Maintain a balance between theory and numericals

To get a perfect score you cannot just miss out on anything. Physics contains both theory and numerical-based questions hence gives them equal importance to learn the definitions and points well and also solve as many numericals as possible. Solve all the unsolved problems, question answers as well as the book works of your NCERT textbook.

Do not mug up anything in physics

Physics deals with everyday applied science that cannot be by heart. Rather you need to understand the theories behind every ongoing process. Mugging up things will not help you in the long run. If you just forget a word of what you have mugged up your complete sentence meaning might change. So do not go for it, always clear your fundamentals first. Try understanding the logic behind the concepts and application of them that will give you a clear and better idea. Making things easier. For example, know the process 

Presentation of your answer sheet matters

Pay attention to maintaining good handwriting and cleanliness of your answer sheet. Do not over-elaborate your answers. Physics requires keywords and to-the-point answers so try to use the bullet form method to list down answers. Always remember to mention the relevant formulas and principles while answering numerical questions. Do not miss any step because marks are allotted for every step of your sum. When asked for any process diagram present is neat and well labelled. Do not scribble on your paper, just one stroke with a pencil is enough.

Practicals are scoring

To get the perfect 100 scores you have to gain full marks in physics practical too. Practice the experiments done during lab classes well. Don’t be shy to clear doubts. Repeatedly ask your physics teacher to solve every point that you are not clear with. Practicals will help in bringing connections between observations and text that will help in understanding things better.

Solve physics previous year sample papers 

Practising more and more previous year physics papers will help in time management, also making you aware of the question style and the marks that they carry. You will be able to analyze the concepts. They will help you write short crisp answers and also you will have time to revise your paper. Do not get nervous if you don’t know an answer, solve the known ones first.

Have faith in yourself. Motivate yourself that yes you can achieve it and have that determination within. You have to work hard and you are capable of doing it. Do not stop until you achieve that perfect score

All the best!! 

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