How to Paint on Leather Jacket | Hand painted leather Jacket

How to Paint on Leather Jacket

For a very long time, leather companies have been using acrylic paint. Whether a stabilizer is essential and which paint line to use is reliant upon the type of leather and how it was formerly treated. To define which procedure will work best for you precise submission, it is important to test first on a sacrificial portion or an ordinary area of the leather surface.

How to Paint on Leather Jacket
How to Paint on Leather Jacket

Select the Correct Paint

Use Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints can be found in crafts and art store and can be found in a range of colors including glittery shades and metallic. It is also stretchy; making it is less likely to snap over time. It can be applied to many sides; acrylic paint does not diminish easily.

Choose Leather Paint

Leather paint is acrylic based paint that can be found at local crafts and art store. It comes in an extensive multiplicity of colors and is precisely framed to stand by to both artificial and real leather. Acrylic paint is cheaper than leather paint. Although leather paint is more expensive, they are less likely to fade or chip over time.

Select Chalk-Based Paint

Chalk-based paint can add distressed and shabby chic to an accessory. It adheres to many different fabrics and surfaces, making it a great choice for painting leather.

Applying the Paint

Clean the Leather

Remove the dust, grease, dirt, and wax using a small amount of isopropyl. Wipe the entire surface of the jacket by dampening a cotton ball. A clean surface free from grease and dirt will allow the paint to strongly adhere to the leather.

Use a Paint Palette

Prepare a paint palette as you can professionally and effortlessly access your anticipated paint colors as you work. You can use a sheet of aluminium foil, a magazine, or a newspaper to house your paint. You can buy a plastic or wooden artist’s palette.

Mix a Small Amount of Acetone to Your Acrylic Paint

Add scarce drops of acetone to the paint if you are working with acrylics. The acetone will thin the paint, making it even and easier to work with. Lightly mix the paint and the acetone together with a small paintbrush. Only add a few drops or up to a teaspoon of acetone to your paint so that the paint does not become too soggy. Do not squeeze too much paint onto your palette at once because acrylic paint can dry quickly. Increasingly add a few additional drops of acetone if the paint is too thick.

Painting a Design

Trace a Design onto the Surface

Use a pencil to casually trace your chosen design onto the leather. You can use floral designs or design that enhances your personality, in this way you can make your very own custom leather jacket. Pressing too hard will dent the leather. The paint is also semi-transparent, so any bold lines below the paint may show through.

Fill in the Design

Use a paintbrush; fill in your design with the chosen colors. Try to elude creating thick layers of paint. A dense layer of paint will be more likely to crack over time. If your design has several colors, let each color dry before moving on to the next to avoid blurring the paint. If you wish to use different colors while painting always clean your brush before using new paint color. Dip the paintbrush in the water before placing it into another color. Keep a small cup of water next to your workspace.

Clean Up Mistakes with Acetone

If you make a mistake while painting, gently lift away the paint by using a small quantity of acetone on a cotton ball or cotton swab. You can continue painting, once the paint is effectively removed and the area has dried.

Let it Dry

When you have completed painting your design, put it apart and let it air dry. The paint should dry within 15 to 20 minutes.

Enhance the Color with Extra Layers of Paint

After the first coat of paint has meticulously dried, add another layer of paint to increase the brilliance and inundation of the color. As you add extra layers, be sure that the earlier coat is dry before you apply another coating of paint.


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