How to get rid of the chalazion in children?

Chalazion in children is a mass or granuloma from a small note, until a few weeks to gradually eyelids in children. Disease will cause discomfort, decreased vision and affect the child’s daily activities. Currently, the chalazion in children is increasing. Here is some basic knowledge of chalazion in children for your consult.

How to get rid of the chalazion in children
How to get rid of the chalazion in children

Causes of a chalazion in children

The main reason of chalazion in children is due to join one of the meibomian glands in the eyelid becomes blocked. This is because the fluid builds up, causing congestion and make this route a granuloma swollen with fluid. When the dirty hands of children touch, the eyelids may block oil glands then increase the risk of the chalazion.

Signs of a chalazion in children

The chalazion is non-communicable diseases. Often there are signs at every little difference. The hallmark of a chalazion is a small tumor in the lower eyelid bulging up. The cyst grows slowly to cause red, swollen eyelids and conjunctiva discomfort eyelids or obscured vision if the big chalazion. Feelings often would not hurt if they do not become infected. Also, a chalazion in children was accompanied with expressions such as amblyopia, often tearing and discomfort when an intense light, and sensitivity to light.


If the chalazion is a disease cured itself out, you should take your children to the doctor to check if there are associated complications or infections. A chalazion can heal in a few days or weeks.

Best ways to treat is to use warm water swab or dilute saline compresses on the eyelids, and it will reduce congestion in meibomian glands and oil glands. After compresses the chalazion, you should gently massage the area around the folded for easy circulation routes more. 5-10 packs per minute, every day 3-4 times. You should not squeeze the chalazion.

If the chalazion is too big to block visibility or signs of infection, you should take your children to the doctor promptly. After a medical examination, depending on the expression of disease, doctors will have treatments specifically for your children.

Methods of treatment:

  • First, the doctor will inject steroids once or twice to join his eyes. The effects of this method are to stop inflammation and chalazion will be cured in 1-2 weeks later.
  • Next, if the injection does not work, a chalazion is too big, loss of vision of your children, the doctors will conduct a chalazion surgery.

There are also some notes during chalazion treatment for children:

  • Do not let dust intrusion or sticking to the eyelid.
  • Be careful to observe the baby, not the baby to touch and squeeze or broke the chalazion.
  • Using ointment to treat a chalazion. Make sure that whatever you buy cream without a prescription is to cure the eyes, not the ears to relieve the discomfort of the eye.
  • Limit use the talc during treatment of chalazion.
  • Regular cleaning the scalp, face, and limbs for the baby clean. Especially in the area around the eyelids, use a clean, soft cloth or cotton gauze gently wipe eyelids.

Chalazion prevention in children

There is no way of free prevention. However, according to doctors advice, parents should:

  • Regularly eyelid hygiene for children to remove bacteria, which circulate the meibomian glands.
  • A chalazion can recurrent, so the parents should take care of your children’s eyes

Nutrition for quick recovery

When a child has a chalazion, parents should give your children a meal with diet, moderation, and reasonableness. Regularly add good food for the eyes as foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B1 & B2, zinc, selenium, DHA and, Resveratrol to help a child’s vision quickly revert to state normal and keep eyes healthy.


Do not treat the chalazion without doctor’s advice, investigate medications as directed, because these methods are easy to make lesion spread or recurrence, leave bad scars cause curved down eyelid, and injuries are persistent, difficult to treat.

Presently, chalazion in children is quite common. So, want to keep your children eyes healthy need a balanced diet, reasonable; learning mode and fun comfortably. Besides always avoiding the risk of smog, by such a way the children should wear eyeglasses on the roads, avoid children play where smog or pollution.

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