Foot Care Home Remedies | 10 Natural Home Remedies for Silky Smooth Feet

To strengthen your feet do not hesitate to do ankle rotations and walk barefoot or tiptoe at home. To massage the area and improve circulation, use a rubber ball. We tend to take care of our hair, our hands and our face, but the feet always seem to be relegated, although it should not be like that use Foot Care Home Remedies. They are our support and they should be the first to be cared for and pampered. In addition, they are the ones who resent the most when walking, when wearing tight shoes, when walking barefoot, when exercising, etc.

In the long run, this can be a problem. Beyond aesthetics, it is good to have your feet in perfect condition to avoid more serious pain in the future. And also, to wear them beautiful in sandals during the summer.

There are some things, which people always asked or search in google about Feet health:-

How do you get rid of smelly feet?
What is the best thing to soak your feet in?
How do you take care of your feet?
What is good for dry cracked feet?

You will get all solution for your feet here.

The feet, our roots:-

Many can say that the feet are the most important part of the human body. They are those that sustain us and at the same time, those that allow us to go from one place to another. Nature has endowed us with sturdy and strong feet, but that does not mean that they do not suffer. The most common is to have them cracked, with calluses or with blisters.

And beyond having the nails painted in combination with the swimsuit, the truth is that the feet need much more attention than we offer periodically. Sure first you’ll think about your hair, then your face and third in your hands. The feet will remain in, at least, a fourth place.

To show off splendid feet, you must follow a routine of frequent care and maintenance by Foot Care Home Remedies. This may take some time, but keep in mind that it will translate into general well-being that you will notice even in your facial gestures.

Tricks to take care of your feet:-

To have perfect feet, as a model, without hardness or calluses, or cracked heels, you just have to have a little time each week. Follow these tips:

  • Weekly perform a hot foot bath, with coarse salt for half an hour. It’s not a big effort, you can do it while watching TV or painting your fingernails. This will make them look more relaxed and rested, especially if you are standing all day or sitting at your work.
  • Every 15 days he washes the hot water for a few minutes and immediately was one of the cool water. This combination will improve your foot circulation. If you add a few drops of lemon to water, you will avoid having a bad smell.
  • Use the pumice stone whenever you can. It is a vital element for the care of your feet. It is a volcanic rock of high porosity and low density that you can get at any beauty store or supermarket. After the shower or a hot bath, gently rub with this stone in the areas where the hardness is formed, especially in the heels.
  • Massage every night before bedtime with moisturizer or essential oil, reduce your feet and avoid harshness. Massage will be a movement and a little pressure.
  • Go barefoot, hats around your races and your home. It will strengthen your feet. You can also roll a ball underneath, pass massage and improve circulation in the plant.
  • After the shower dry your feet well, between your fingers, so that fungi do not occur . If you are perspiring a lot, do not hesitate to use talcum powder.
  • Use cushioned insoles and do not wear shoes too tight every day. The use of heels is not the best alternative either.
  • Cut your nails horizontally. This will prevent them from becoming incarnated or deformed, weakening or stopping normal growth. If you go to the beauty salon to do the manicuring, make sure that the elements they use are of quality and are not rusted, because they can cause infections.
  • Reflexology is one of the options available to you if you like alternative medicine, stimulate your body’s defenses and help eliminate toxic substances. It is based on pressing strategic points on the soles of the feet, which are connected to the nervous system.

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