Exam Preparation and Scope of Florida Residential & Commercial Pool Contractors

Florida swimming pool contractor

Florida commercial pool contractor exam preparation is all about covering topics and areas that candidates need to know for passing the examination. The scope of work for these pool contractors involves construction, repair, and servicing of a swimming pool or hot tub or spa. The work does not include giving direct connections to a sanitary sewer system or potable water lines but it involves procedures, such as installation, modification, construction, and replacement of equipment for water treatment or pool cleaning. However, you don’t require any license for normal cleaning of a pool or spa. It is only when the cleaning is supposed to affect the structural integrity of a pool that requires licensed pool contractors.

If you wish to make your career as a Florida swimming pool contractor, you need to clear the Florida construction exam. Here we are with some helpful tips on Florida construction exam preparation –

Join a School

Swimming pool contractor Florida

The best way to ensure your success in the Florida pool contractor exam is to join a leading school that specializes in providing comprehensive contractor license exam classes. By doing your homework right, you can zero in on a service provider that has a profound experience in the teaching and construction industry. A few of such reputed schools hire knowledgeable, experienced, and professional teachers for imparting education in the best ways possible. By covering all aspects of the Florida construction exams and providing the most appropriate and current Florida contractors exam books, students are made acquainted with everything they need to know for passing the exam the very first time.

Continuing education classes

Florida contractor continuing education classes is another helpful tip for those aspiring to become pool contractors. If due to any reason you cannot join a school physically, you can count on these continuing education classes. The best part is that you can join these classes and take courses at your own pace. When you purchase any such course, you get a username and password. You can save the course, pause it, and repeat it as many times until you pass using your password. Some continuing education classes have audio courses, which require students to simply sit back and listen.

Home Study

As crucial as the home study is to ace the Florida contractor exam, you have to dedicate certain hours in a day for preparation. Thankfully, there is no dearth of resources that can help your cause. You can research about the several providers of home study materials available in your area. Count on the one that offers flexible solutions at best price. The home study materials are available in either books with CD-ROMs version or online downloadable version. They cover all the exam related information, ranging from project management to estimates and math problems. Some home study material providers also offer practice questions and a solution manual on specific topics. Relying on all these materials, candidates can better their performance in the upcoming exams.


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