Effects of Pests in Your Walls and Home

Effects of Pests in Your Walls

It’s bad enough that pests hang around your home; they are gross and unlikable. Additionally, they cause a surprisingly high amount of damage to your home. Controlling pests may seem like a never-ending battle but it’s one that you need to fight. Without keeping the numbers down, pests can cost you a lot of money to repair the damages they will cause. As tempting as it may seem to stop battling pests all the time, you should not give in. understanding the damaging effects they have on your home can be a motivation to make you up your game. Here are effects they have in your walls and home.

Structural Harm

Anything wood is subject to pest damage. If they infest your walls or any wooden structures in the house, you should take immediate action to remedy the situation. When they stay in there for long, you will have to pay high structural repair costs down the line. Since wood is a primary construction material, pests will affect the structure’s integrity which may even lead to collapsing. Pests like beetles, ants or carpenter bees burrow through or feed on wood. Although it takes a long period for them to dramatically affect your home structure, even a little damage should be taken seriously. It’s very dangerous especially when it’s the foundation, it will be expensive to repair and the property value will reduce. Make sure you deal with the pests as quickly as possible and prevent any future attacks.

They Damage the Wiring and Insulation in the Walls

Pests, especially rats and mice are notorious for chewing electrical wires in the walls. Their teeth never stop growing from their birth until they die. The softness, size and length of electrical wires make it perfect for their teething. When they chew on the cables repeatedly, they eventually break or expose naked wires. Exposing the wires can cause an electrical fault or in worst cases, fire. If you have a rat or mice infestation, you will start noticing tiny bites on household items like carpets, fabric or furniture. That is the best point to address the problem; you can hire experts to help before the infestation is out of control.


Bugs will bring loads of different diseases to your otherwise healthy home. To protect you and your loved ones, controlling pests is a must. Bugs like mosquitos, cockroaches and fleas are known carriers of diseases; they pose health risks to your family and pets. They can also cause allergic flare-ups because they can carry allergens to your home. It may be impossible to control allergies or other conditions like asthma when your house is infested. Wasps and bees can sting and cause fatal allergic reactions. Some of the diseases that these invaders may bring are: malaria, salmonella, strep and dengue fever among others. They can also contaminate your food which causes illnesses; this means that they are generally harmful to your health. When your home is infested, you should store your food carefully while you handle the issue.

Damage Furniture

If only pests would be content with having a warm place to stay. But they don’t spare anything; they will infest your furniture too. Furnishing a house and making it homey requires much furniture which costs a lot of money. Most of them prefer dark areas they can hide, which is why large sofas attract most pests. They will eat the wood and crave holes which will weaken the furniture; they also ruin plastic furniture and fabric. Regular maintenance may help you discover pests in furniture before it’s too late. Having pest prevention measures may limit the furniture damage, without any strategies you will keep losing great furniture. Plus, it’s not fun sitting on a sofa that is housing pests.


When you experience a pest infestation in your home, there are pest control strategies you can employ on your own. When the situation gets out of hand, you will need the services of expert exterminators such as Excel Pest Services to give you a permanent solution. Being proactive about preventing pests in your home will save you the large repair costs that may come as a result of their infestation. Think about the devastating damage they will do to your house if you let them reign and the aftermath in terms of money. You may not have all the different types of pests in your home, but the chance of having at least one type is high. You should stay vigilant to protect your home and family.

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