Where to Eat the Italian Pizza in Frankfurt? | The 8 Best Italian Restaurants

Want to eat a really tasty and crispy Italian Pizza in Frankfurt? Where you can do that in Frankfurt, We will show you!

You cannot go wrong with a pizza? More than you think. Trained palates were looking for the perfect pizza dough, the ideal tomato sauce and the best pizza topping – whether fancy or classic. Everything was put through its paces. Our result: In these restaurants, there is the best pizza in Frankfurt. Just go and convince. You leave one of the best pizzerias in Frankfurt with a full, satisfied smile – guaranteed.

Trattoria Pizzeria 6611

The pizza is traditionally served on a large wooden board, because the pizza is huge (44 cm). Cool, however, is the idea that pizzas are cut here with the pair of scissors, which is already an experience in itself. The restaurant is comfortably furnished and on the terrace you can enjoy your pizza in a relaxed atmosphere. The tomato sauce is well seasoned, the bottom thinly rolled and crispy and the topping fresh. This is how pizza must taste!

Pizzeria Montana

The station district has a new pizza oven – in the form of a big, yellow smiley, which will heat up the pizzas properly. The decor is not very Italian, but stylish and casual. The pizza is reasonably priced, comes from the stone oven and is well-stocked, but has a thick edge. Top: There are also unusual combinations such as the pizza “Montana” with panna, gorgonzola, walnuts, pear and rosemary

Pizzeria Al Terrazino

The crispest and cheapest pizza in Frankfurt is available at the Ristorante Al Terrazino, because it is baked directly on the hot stone of the wood stove without baking tin. Despite manual work and delicious toppings, there is the salami pizza for 5.30 euros, paste dishes from 4.80 euros. Top: In summer you can sit comfortably on the large terrace

Da Cimino

The classic in Bockenheim. It is not unusual to park in front of the door in the second row to pick up the delicious wood-fired pizzas. But also inside the pizzeria and in the courtyard there are a few places


What was an ordinary kiosk in Bornheim for many years; Henry Walon and Marc Merly have together turned into a Mediterranean and fresh little shop.
As before, at the kiosk you can buy cigarettes, coffee, nuts and chips. However, the Soccas are new: These hearty treats are a new way to interpret Italian Pizza in Frankfurt. The Soccas prove that you can insert a simple product with exquisite ingredients simple, but creative.


Despite quite small pizzas one of the most popular pizzerias in the city; you sit in the unadorned interior or on stools on the small terrace – here there is great rush. Nice: Here is called “spicy” really still, that the pizza burns fiery in the mouth.

A Tavola!

The interior in the “a Tavola”, is a bit cramped, but the red and white checkered tablecloths provide the right atmosphere, as in Bella Italia. Here is the relationship between topping, gravy and soil and also the pasta dishes are impressive. Top: If you like to have a coffee after dinner, you will get a creamy, not too bitter espresso for only one Euro


Papanova is the second restaurant of the Terranova-makers. The concept: Pizza, pasta as well as meat and fish dishes are served here in a more elegant atmosphere than in the likeable casual home. And the pizzas come – unlike the Terranova – from the wood stove. And unfortunately it is quite far away from the kitchen, so pizza and pasta are not served at the same time. Only when one of us has already eaten his pasta, the other gets his pizza brought. This is annoying and even if the nice waiter tells us the problem, apparently nothing is changed in the malady. Also on our next visit, the dishes come back with a time delay at the table. If you go out to eat together, you also want to eat together.

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