Top Food Delivery Apps in India, UK, USA and Their Discounted Coupons

There was a time when people used to visit the restaurants to pick their packed orders and enjoy their meals at home. Moreover, it was a tedious task to call the restaurant owner and ask them to pack their order. Due to this, there was quite a delay and sometimes the restaurants do not accept our orders. Thankfully, in the advancement of the internet and growing top Food Delivery Apps in India, UK, USA based, we are now getting our meal orders packed and delivered at our home. It is very simple now to place the order and enjoy the foods. Simply open your current location, find the best restaurant near your location and place the order.

Top Food Delivery Apps in India, UK, USA and Their Discounted Coupons
Top Food Delivery Apps in India, UK, USA and Their Discounted Coupons

Seeing this, there are now various food delivery applications launched in the market that provide easy and fast delivery at our doorstep. Zomato, Uber Eats and others are some of the popular food delivering applications across India.  Talking about other countries such as UK and USA, they also have some of the popular food delivering companies established which delivers their meal order at their home.

All of these websites and applications require inputting the customer locations, food choice and other details. Also, a customer gets a service to track their order and check whether their order is on the way for its delivery or not. Online food delivering market has been increasing in India, USA, UK and other major countries with around 40 percent. All of some owner restaurants, big restaurants and others have now come together in these applications and serving their meals to the customers at very cheap price.

10 Best Food Delivery Apps in UK

The food industry has been increasing across the world by providing various services to the customers. Various meal restaurants and other companies have now collaborated with various food delivering applications. Some of the best foods delivering applications found in UK are listed below. Continue reading the article to learn more.

  • Just Eat: A just Eat application is one of the global applications of food delivering across UK and other countries. You can easily fast track your orders; book your favorite appetite, read customer reviews of restaurants and others.
  • Food Hub: another very famous food delivering application is Food Hub. Here, it has all the essential features in it that a customer looks in one food delivery applications. You can find their hundreds of restaurants, order the food from wide varieties. They do not charge any of the service charges on your order and delivery of the orders.
  • Deliveroo: this food delivering application is recognized as one of the most popular application of UK. This application covers majorly all the restaurants of UK. Visit the official website to know more.
  • Hungry House: Hungry House is yet another most famous food delivery application in UK. It is very reliable and easy to use because of their simple UI. Also, it is free of cost and you can read the customer reviews on it.
  • Uber Eats: this application is one of the famous food ordering application. It is not just limited to restaurant foods but also has some of the great amazing food choices.
  • Domino Pizza: pizza is a widely popular meal across UK and other countries. You will get here variety of pizza’s and great toppings.
  • Zomato: Zomato is one of the topmost foods ordering application not only in UK but also in other countries. You will get a wide variety of restaurant choices here and get various options for reviews. Also, it is simple and very convenient to use.
  • Talabat: one of the fastest and oldest food delivery apps in UK. They have a wide range of coffee house and other food options available.
  • Eat Clean Me: you will get a variety of nutrition-rich food here. They include juices, salads, healthy wraps and others.
  • Spoonfed: you will get here a wide range of food options and other choices for users. The selection of the food is very east and it has a secure payment option.

Visit their official websites or their applications to order the food in UK.

Top Food Delivery Apps in USA and learn how to Made Order

You will find some of the best restaurants in USA also offering various services and discounts to their users. Here is the list of some of the top food delivering applications in USA.

  • Postmates: This application is one of the most popular and established food delivering applications of USA. It offers various services to its users.
  • com: This website offers a great dining experience to its user. Clients can easily put their orders online on their iOS and Android applications. They also have a secure payment option.
  • Uber Eats: this application is perfect for those users who are in search of various services at the one-stop destination. This application is different from the Uber application and is easy to use.
  • DoorDash: like Uber Eats, this application is also popular for offering their different services to users.
  • Eat purely: customers’ loves to order from this application as they offer cheap prices on foods and provide various services to their customers.

All of these applications are widely popular across USA. Visit their sites to know more.

Top Online Food Delivery Apps in India and their Discounted Coupon

India is known to be a popular country in terms of varieties of foods and spices available. With over various applications that offer food delivery, here are some of the famous food delivery applications available in India.

  • FoodPanda: this application is very popular international-based food delivering the application. You can easily order the food from this website at cheap rates. When you pay through Mobikwik app, you will get 15% of discount. Paying through Paytm wallet, 100 rupees cashback offer
  • Swiggy: it is a popular food delivering company established in Bangalore. Use SWIGGYGB75 to avail the 15% off on food orders.
  • Zomato: you will get various offers on this application. EAT20 coupon gives a flat 20% discount on foods.
  • FreshMenu: use ADNEW30 coupon to avail the discount on your first order.

There are other websites and applications that have various coupons and offers. Visit their applications to know more.

Final Analysis words on Food Delivery Apps and how to get Discounted Coupon

You can avail the best discount offers on your every food order on different applications. Just make sure that while paying, you select the option “select coupon” to add the coupon and avail the discounted offers.

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