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Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting or presenting gifts to bosses, clients or employees has become an inevitable part of the corporate culture. Encouraging and motivating the team can be as good as providing a pay hike. Adapting to the corporate gift culture is a proven way to show employees that the employer sees them as a valuable asset for the company. 

 What is a corporate gift?

 The management or executives give gifts to the employees to express their appreciation. This is called corporate gifting. The gift can be for customers or clients as well. There are two forms of gifting. Internal gifting as the name implies, is for staff members, executives, shareholders or managers. It is meant only for people working within an organisation. External gifting is given to clients, by a company.

Corporate Gifting
Corporate Gifting

 Most organisations are in search of both forms of gifting. Companies like help organisations in providing versatile corporate gift options. You can never go wrong with chocolate gifts. Most people love them! Sometimes, companies promote their brand by gifting branded gifts coupled with a chocolate message. Try the branded chocolate treats or even a branded chocolate card from You won’t be disappointed.

 Advantages of corporate gifting


·         Smart gift selection can reinforce the brand: Investing in a Corporate Gift can represent the brand values. If clients are recipients of the gifts, it would probably make them happy to try the services of that brand because of the appreciation and the recognition the particular brand has bestowed on them.


·         Corporate gifts can build strong relationships: A corporate gifting routine can build and strengthen professional relationships internally and externally. This is because the employees and clients would feel more appreciated and cared for when they receive gifts.


·         Promotional gifts help in staying one step ahead of competitors: Other than strengthening relationships, giving promotional gifts to employees or clients can make them feel closely connected. The brand can gift employees for their birthdays or at the end of the year. This helps them stand apart from their competitors.


·         Bridges divide successfully: At times, a client may not belong to the same geographic location as that of the company. In such cases, regardless of where the business is based, the company can send a gift to the client. This gesture will make the client feel close to the company, even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away!


·         Keeps opportunities open: If a company has clients who are at different stages of buying or business, they can consider providing the company with fresh opportunities.


 Tips to keep in mind while picking a corporate gift:


·         Share the work culture: Identify a unique aspect of the company and share it with employees via a corporate gift. The chocolate message gift by can be an ideal gift option!


·         Be inclusive to every employee: Consider buying a gift that all would love! Most people love all forms of chocolates. So choosing chocolate as a corporate gift is the best option. can add a custom chocolate message which can be enjoyed by the employees!


·         Remember, presentation is important: Don’t even think of giving a corporate gift without presenting it well. The corporate gift should look appealing and neatly wrapped so that it brings a smile on the face of the recipients.


·         Involve executives in the process: Involve the executives or leaders in the management level in the process of corporate gifting. It can help in increasing the professional bond between the employees and the leaders of the company. 


·         Be considerate:  Before gifting chocolates, it’s better to have an understanding regarding the allergies or any other health issues of the employees. Asking a gift recipient questions upfront, can save misinterpretations.


·         Think of giving something unique:  Be creative and give something unusual. The gift should also be appealing and not difficult to accept. If you’re in a dilemma as to which gift to choose. Let the experts at help you. They have many unique gift options you will love. 


·         Refrain from over branding: Avoid adding a big logo or company motto in big letters on the gift. If the gift is picked thoughtfully, it can make a lasting impression on the recipients. 


·         Avoid opting for cheap gifts: The investment for corporate gifts need not be huge or too less. The quality of the gift matters and not the quantity. Spend a reasonable amount of money to buy a gift for your employees.


·         Show appreciation every year: Most companies prefer to give gifts during festivals or holidays. The company can also show appreciation at any other time. But it’s best to wait for the right opportunity to give something memorable. 


·         Don’t use gifts as bribes: Gifts are not something that needs to be given to get some work done. A corporate gift can be a way to appreciate an achievement or just to show that the company is happy with the employees or clients. 

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