Causes and Solutions Of Baldness

In the past few decades, the hair loss problems have increasingly large in numbers. More than 35 million men are experiencing hair fall issues, alone, in the United States. The issue becomes more serious when it occurs in the men in their early age. 19.3% cases registered of balding are of men under the age of 30.

Causes and Solutions Of Baldness
Causes and Solutions Of Baldness

Hair fall or balding at this age can cause low communication level and destruction of confidence and self-esteem as it affects the personal and professional life of a person at the same time.

So, what causes Hair Fall in men?

Lets know…

Common triggers that causes Hair Fall in men- 

Baldness in men is caused by many reasons but there are some common points we are going to discuss in the following article-


We all are victims of our genes and the only thing we can not change. Science says there are 200 types of genes which could be responsible for the growth, colour, structure, curliness of hair.

Stress and Anxiety- 

The feeling of stress and anxiety are related to causing hair fall in men. When there is so much mental pressure your body can hit a state of shock flooding it with the various hormones and metabolites. This may lead to hair fall disease Telogen Effluvium, a shedding of the hair.

Bad Nutritional Diet:- 

Your diet matters. A healthy and nutritional diet can not only give you a fit and charming body, also a scalp with thick hair forest. When losing weight don’t forget to supply proper proteins and vitamins to the body as hair follicles need the energy to make hair. Bad diet can lead to continuous loss of hair.


Most of the human population know that prescription drugs taken on chemotherapy can cause heavy hair fall. But there are other drugs too. These include antithyroid medications, hormonal therapies, anticonvulsants (epilepsy), anticoagulants and beta-blockers.


Taking proper sleep is important for our body.  A man needs 7 hours of sleep for allowing the mind and body to repair and charge itself. Overnight working schedules may affect your biological clock and this disruption can affect the functioning of hair follicles.


Your hair grows from follicles. It requires oxygen, vitamins & minerals and nutrients to function and trigger the growth of hair. Cigarette contains thousands of chemicals toxins which through smoke can affect the circulation in general which means impaired blood flow to hair follicles and it may lead to balding.

Autoimmune Disease:-

One such kind of disease is Alopecia Areata. Where your immune system behaves abnormally and does not accept hair follicles as a genuine part of the body and attacks on them. Cells and hair growth factors are affected by such diseases and can cause permanent hair loss.

Scalp Inflammation:- 

Scalp Inflammation
Scalp Inflammation

Scalp inflammation can occur due to allergies and infection of the hair follicles that can cause balding. It is kind of bacterial infection causing itching and soreness and fall of hair. In some cases, it can result in permanent hair loss on the area and leaving a bald spot on the scalp.

Then, how do men prevent balding? 

There are certain solutions which can temporarily or permanently solve the problem of balding. We are going to discuss some of these.

Let’s Go…!



Balding can take place in human when his hair follicles are not able to get the required nutrients from the body. Our hair follicles need some vital vitamins, minerals and proteins to maintain a healthy hair growth. When there is a lack of nutrients in our body hair follicles become weak and don’t produce healthy hair. The growth becomes weak and hair easily falls from the head. If we provide a proper diet which contains high nutrients hair fall may stop. But in most cases, it can restore temporary hair loss problem. 

Laser Light Therapy:- 

Laser Light Treatment can be an option for you, products like laser Comb can possibly grow new hair by stimulating blood flow to the affected area. But don’t expect that it will recover the complete hair growth. Also its not kinda permanent solution for hair fall, in addition, it requires a regular commitment means you have to apply it for 15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week to get good results. It is a great option for people who have observed increased shedding but not for people who are bald and lost a major amount of hairs.



It is also known as Finasteride is an FDA-approved medicine which is used to treat hair fall problems. The drug is mainly used for preventing prostate cancer. It blocks the male sex hormones in the scalp known as Androgen Dihydrotestosterone that stops hair follicles to cause male pattern baldness.

It prevents balding only for the time the medicine is taken, when a person is not on medication then in a few months the symptoms starts to occur again. It is also noted that some people experience sexual side effects like impotence or lack of desire.


The formula basically known as Rogaine is the second FDA-approved drug for treating the balding problem in men. You can say it is one of the most used solutions but still cannot be considered a permanent solution. It blocks the DHT hormone in results hair growth become normal but later when one leaves taking medication, in few months hair fall is noticed and also can take extreme phase. Its side effects include unwanted facial/body hair, dizziness, fast/irregular heartbeat, fainting, chest pain, swelling of hands/feet, unusual weight gain, tiredness, difficulty breathing especially when lying down.

Hair Transplant Surgery:- 

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure requires hair grafts or follicles to be removed from the part where hair growth is permanent and fall resistant.

Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplant Surgery

Then hairs are transplanted carefully to the hairless area. The part from where hairs are removed is called Donor Area (mostly it is the back part of the head in some cases side part) and where transplantation is done is called Recipient Area.

It is an effective and permanent treatment for hair loss. Hair transplant has significant cost and recovery time. In some cases when the large numbers of hairs to be transplanted, more than one procedures (sitting) can be required. It depends how severe hair loss is. Therefore when other hair loss treatments don’t work, hair transplant procedures are used.

Hair transplant is not like other typical treatments which provide temporary results, like medication only shows an effect until the prescription is taken, when you stop taking, hairs may start falling again. LLT(laser light therapy) also does not provide that efficiency of results. In case hair transplant is the only suitable treatment that works without harmful effects and stops balding.

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