FAQ’s in the case of a Motorcycle Accident, Orlando

If you have met a motorcycle accident, Orlando, there might be many questions coming in your mind. See if you find the answers in the following list of FAQ’s.

FAQ's in the case of a Motorcycle Accident, Orlando
FAQ’s in the case of a Motorcycle Accident, Orlando

Q-1. What should I do at the time of the accident to strengthen my motorcycle accident lawsuit?

Ans- There are certain things you should keep in mind to strengthen your motorcycle accident lawsuit. Have a look:-

  • Motorcycle injuries are more complex as compared to car injuries. Because it makes the body hit the ground directly. As a result of which, it may cause traumatic injuries, paralysis, etc. So it becomes important to seek medical advice.
  • Continue medical treatment until the case has been settled. It is legally essential to determine the amount of damage. However, insurance companies also look for reasons to deny the claim. If medical treatment is not taken, the claim stands canceled.
  • Document the accident by calling the police at the time of the accident. In this way, you can be assured to have written evidence of the accident.
  • Click photos of the site where the accident took place. Make sure to include the photos of the damaged motorcycle, nearby road signs, landmarks( if any), weather conditions, the vehicle with which the collision took place. All these acts as strong evidence in settling the case.
  • Do not post pictures on any social media platform. This increases the probability of any negative evidence coming in view. These days any investigation includes viewing of the victim’s social media accounts. So avoid posting pictures of the accident on social media forums.
  • Do not get the motorcycle repaired, as it is a big piece of evidence. It is a measure of the damage of the accident. Examination of the vehicle is an important step in such cases, which reveals the severity of the accident and helps in settling the claim.
  • Appoint a personal injury attorney, who guides and helps in settlements.

Q-2. What all damages can be included in the motorcycle accident lawsuit?

Ans- Physical injury ( trauma, pain and other sufferings), damage of property, loss of income due to injuries, medical expenses ( both past & future), burial or funeral expenses, expenses incurred in the repair, etc. can be included in the motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Q-3. Should I get my motorcycle repaired before the settlement of the case?

Ans- It is suggested not to get it repaired before the settlement of the case. As it is one big evidence of the accident.

Q-4. What would the case be if the poor condition of the roads causes it?

Ans- Accidents do take place due to bad condition of the roads such as potholes, cracks in roads, sinkholes, unevenly constructed road. Here, the case would be filed against the government instead of the opposite driver.

Q-7. Does wearing helmet matters the case?

Ans- Yes, it matters the case. You are not wearing a helmet at the time of accident might mean you are at a mistake on your part.

Q-8. What is the role of a personal injury attorney in such cases?

Ans- A personal injury attorney plays a crucial role in the settlement of a motorcycle accident case. They provide the right legal guidance at each point in time. They assist in documentation, settling claims with the insurance company and other essential legal proceedings. Do not proceed in any legal matters in the absence of the attorney.

Q-9. Is it ok to accept an offer of settlement from the insurance company?

Ans- No, you shouldn’t accept any settlement offers from the insurance company. They try to trap people by offering less than the required amount. Accepting any offer makes you lose further rights to claim damage. It might also end up with no payment of damages.

Q-10. Suppose the victim is partially at fault, how would this affect the case?

Ans- Motorcycle accident Orlando cases generally evaluate the percentage of fault of both parties. If it is found to be your own fault, then the settlement amount will be adjusted accordingly, depending on the percentage of fault. A personal injury lawyer will advise wisely in such a case.

Final thoughts

On the whole, it is seen that one needs to be very careful while filing a case of a motorcycle accident injury claim in Orlando. It is suggested to proceed in the supervision of a personal injury attorney. Otherwise, you might commit a mistake in legal proceedings and end up with unpaid bills. So, motorcycle accidents, Orlando should be handled intellectually.

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