What to Look for in the Best Dog Pooper Scooper

Perhaps the most challenging part of being a pet owner is cleaning up after them. Scooping their poop is one particular task that pet owners do not look forward to doing. However, when you make the decision to parent a pet, scooping poop becomes a task that you cannot avoid. To make it easier, poop scoopers were invented. There are a variety of poop scoopers in the market, especially for dogs. In a quest to shortlist some of the best brands of poop scoopers in the market, Woofwhiskers came down with the following brands as its top three.

What to Look for in the Best Dog Pooper Scooper
What to Look for in the Best Dog Pooper Scooper

There are three main pooper scoopers in the market. These are the traditional spade and tray scoopers, the bin and rake with a scented bag and the jaw scooper which happens to be the latest in the market. Let us look into each of these brands.

  • The bin and rake with scented bags- this remains to be the all-time most sought-after pooper scooper in the market. The Petmate 71034 Arm and Hammer swivel bin and rake are perhaps the best of this kind of pooper scoopers. It has a sturdily designed swivel, a surface that is multi-purpose as well as an extended reach. All these allow for longer durability, as well as gentleness on the surface from which the poop is collected. The most attractive feature of this brand is the fact that it comes with bags that arm and hammer scented and replaceable.
  • The Jaw Scooper- This brand is quickly becoming a popular pooper scooper brand. The nature miracle non-stick advanced jaw scoop is one of the most sought-after jaw scoopers. It is an innovative brand that is designed with a squeeze handle that opens the jaws at the bottom coupled with a handle for release. The features open up and close quickly upon picking the mess. The whole process can be done with a single hand. The tool is strong and resistant, and the jaws that happen to be toothed are fine. This means that they cannot rip the grass or any other surface from which the mess is being picked up. This product is simply amazing!
  • Here are some options for raw dog food for maintaining a healthy gut for your dog.

The jaw scooper comes in a variety of sizes. For larger dogs, there are jumbo-sized jaw scoops that can handle the mess made by the dogs.

  • The spade and tray pooper scooper- for this type of pooper scooper, there is no technicality involved. There is simply a spade that ranges in sizes and is used to scoop the dog poop and a companion tray on which it is placed after scooping before disposal. The four paws classic is the most popular spade and tray type of pooper scooper. The reason for its popularity is that it is both affordable and has high quality as opposed to the other brands in the market.

The pick-up tools can be selected depending on the type of surface. For grass, the rake is best suited, the spade of solid surfaces and the jaw for grass as well. For containers, the ease to clean should be considered.

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