Are you healthy? Your hair tells the tale!

Do you usually have a bad hair day? Your hair lacks lustre and shine, has turned dry and brittle, thinning and falling and to top it all, your scalp is always itchy due to dandruff. You wish you could apply a magic potion to improve your hair health. But have you ever thought that there could be other underlying conditions that might affect your precious locks.?
Let’s find out more.

Excessive hair fall?
Excessive hair fall?

Excessive hair fall? It could be iron deficiency!

Have you been recently experiencing a lot of hair fall? Do you find hair strands on your pillows, on clothes or just huge lumps of hair on floor after regular brushing? This is a major concern for most of the women. Trichologists say that losing 50-100 strands of hair is normal. But when the number exceeds, it is called pathological hair loss. There are many underlying health conditions that affect hair loss. It might be due to iron deficiency. To maintain the strength of hair, it is very important for our body to store iron in right proportions. Also, after childbirth, it is a norm for most women to face excessive hair fall. It could be due to iron deficiency or hormonal change.

A trichologist will help you with medications and hair applicators. Also, a dietitian will be able to sort out your diet for best overall health along with the health of your hair.

Hair thinning & Breakage? It could be protein deficiency!

If your hair is thinning out gradually, it’s time to re-think your diet habits. Are you taking enough protein? Protein is needed for building hair and hence a lack of protein in diet will cause hair thinning and hair loss.

Hair thinning & Breakage?
Hair thinning & Breakage?

If you are a vegetarian or have gastrointestinal issues, make sure you consult a dietitian to curate your diet.

Premature greying? It could be Vitamin B deficiency!

Your hair doesn’t look your age? Just 35 and streaks of salt & pepper hair here and there? You must consider talking to your doctor.

Pre-mature greying of hair is often a result of Vitamin B deficiency. At times, it could also be the result of low thyroid. Your doctor might recommend you to go for both a thyroid and Vitamin B test to identify the problem.

Dry hair? Balding
Dry hair? Balding

? It could be thyroid imbalance!

Hair growth is highly dependable on the proper functioning of thyroid gland. Both an overactive (hyperthyroidism) as well as an under active (hypothyroidism) thyroid gland can lead to hair re-growth problems, if left untreated for long.


With excess thyroid hormones, you might experience thinning hair all over your scalp. And when you experience too much hair loss, it could be the result of hypothyroidism.

Talk to your doctor and start medication to reverse your thyroid problems. Hair problems will fade off.

Dry and lifeless hair? It could be hormonal imbalance!

If you find your silky mane turning rough and dry gradually, it’s time to get professional help . Due to fluctuations in hormone levels and certain medical conditions, our hair gets rough over time. Doctors usually advise a Hormone level test to understand the medications to be prescribed for hormone imbalance.

Your hair gives you great insights on the status of your internal health .
Visit a trichologist to address your hair problems. Find your nearest trichologist online and book appointment.

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