The Benefits of App Syncing for Businesses

There are thousands of apps available nowadays, with more and more being created every day. There is an app for just about everything out there, and we are beginning to see a rise in business-based apps. The business world is exploring apps more and more as they have so much to offer in terms of simplifying business operations. Despite the fact you can get an individual specialist app for every aspect of the business, it has now also become possible to sync these apps together. Here, we take a look at how syncing business apps can benefit your company.

The Benefits of App Syncing for Businesses
The Benefits of App Syncing for Businesses

Data Transfer

You will need a lot of the same information for different operations, for example, sales and marketing. When you keep your business apps independent of one another, you have to manually input the data you need from one to the other, which can be an incredibly time-consuming process. However, if they are synced, this will happen automatically. You can even filter the kinds of contacts that are transferred, and any changes you make to a contact in one app will automatically change in the others.

Syncing your apps, for example, if you Sync Salesforce and ActiveCampaign to combine their sales and marketing specialists, helps to simplify business operations as it allows the apps to use each other’s information. You can set up automatic marketing from your marketing app using the information from a customer relationship management app, and it will be able to create marketing materials based on it. This is a much more efficient form of marketing.

Quality and Collaboration

Automating your processes ensures that they will be carried out with a higher level of accuracy and quality, as human error is eradicated. For example, marketing materials are not only going to be more personal, but they will also not be repetitive or contain mistakes. This can only have a positive effect on the reputation of your company as well as your potential profits. App syncing also allows you to collaborate with other companies easily; you can simply sync with them in order to access their data.


Syncing your apps helps you to form a more succinct, easily scalable business structure. It creates a centralized point from which you can access everything you need, from analytical statistics and campaign plans to customer contact details. The fact that these apps are all cloud-based, even when synced, means that you can also control your business remotely. This is particularly beneficial if you often find yourself being pulled from pillar to post.

As you can see, syncing your business apps has many benefits. Firstly, it allows for fast data transfer with automatic updates and helps you to simplify business operations. Secondly, it allows apps to use each other’s information to create profit and improves the quality and accuracy of materials that are produced. App syncing allows for an easier business to business collaboration and allows you to work remotely. For more information and inspiration when it comes to apps and how to make the most of them, take a look at They have loads of useful articles such as ‘Do Time Tracking Apps Improve Productivity?’.

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