Do Time Tracking Apps Improve Productivity?

To improve the way you utilize your time, you will first need to start measuring it to understand what and where things can be improved. Luckily, with a stunning efficiency of a time tracking app, you can measure your time without wasting your time on calculating hours and writing reports.

These time tracking apps are becoming an imperative in the business world as people are finally able to track their working hours and understand better when they are most productive. After all, you can’t be productive if you don’t manage your time the right way.

How can time tracking help you improve your productivity? We bring you a few reasons to consider getting a time tracking app for yourself or your employees.

Do Time Tracking Apps Improve Productivity
Do Time Tracking Apps Improve Productivity


If you’re aware that your tracking clock is ticking, you will less likely allow distractions to steal your focus and start doing something that not related to this task. With a tracking app, you’re measuring exactly how much time does it take for you to complete that particular assignment. If you spend ten minutes talking to your friends over the phone or checking your social media accounts, it will seem as if you need a lot more to finish the assignment than you actually do. Consequently, this will make you less productive and goal-oriented.


Sometimes it’s hard to prove we are efficient. With time tracking apps, you can easily prove as your bosses can see what tasks were completed and in what amount of time they were completed. Being efficient doesn’t mean you’re completing your tasks properly, it also means you’re able to complete it in a given time or even less. The way you manage your time also shows the level of your efficiency.


In every team, you will have people who work longer hours than others. However, it doesn’t have to mean they are more efficient and hard-working than others. Some people simply need more hours to complete a task somebody can finish in one hour. That’s why it’s vital to track time of your employees. You will not only be able to see how many hours per day are they actually working, but also how long does it take them to complete a certain task. Then, if you need analysis for your new project and you know who is the quickest and most efficient, you can assign it to that person.


One of the biggest problems with productivity and efficiency is that you’re unable to put it into context. If you work with a lot of clients, it can get challenging to determine which of them are taking most of your time. As a result, you will end up working more for less money. But, a time tracking app can demonstrate to your clients and anybody else how many hours you actually spend working on these projects. You can even split bigger projects into smaller tasks and track time for them separately.


Measuring ROI is crucial for any business. If you want to improve the overall efficiency of your company, you will need to measure ROI. If you want to improve your employees’ efficiency, you will need to measure ROI. To measure it on an individual level, you will need a time tracking app. By tracking your time, you can reach your goals when it comes to productivity and efficiency. Moreover, you can see how your clients or bosses perceive your work. When analyzing your time tracking sheet, you will even be able to see where you need to focus more to increase your profit.


As you and everyone else can see how many hours you spend working on a particular task, this will tremendously motivate you to accomplish your tasks quickly without getting distracted. When time tracking becomes one of your habits, you will want to do the same amount of work in fewer hours. However, don’t allow it to affect your quality. Time tracking should never become a competition where you want to be the quickest in your team or you want to perform quicker than last month. This will affect the quality of your work and consequences can be pretty harmful to both the company and yourself.

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