Advantages of using Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in Workplaces

In today’s world due to busy life schedule, people do not have much time to take care of their health by doing exercises in the gym or by eating healthy food. When people do not adopt healthy lifestyle then they start facing consequences of it in the form of several diseases.

Different types of health issues are the biggest concerns for the people nowadays but health issues related to heart are very common among people. Such type of problems can be because of inherited diseases and also due to the unhealthy diet. In both cases, it is the responsibility of the patient to take strong safety measures for himself.

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Modern medical equipment have given patients comforts up to some extent and AED Singapore is the most prominent device that has impacted the lives of cardiac patients in a positive way. The purpose of this medical gadget is to prevent patients from heart attacks.

AED in Singapore holds a vital place in the medical industry of Singapore because it has helped to reduce the rate of deaths there due to cardiac diseases. The role of different governments is important to mention regarding this medical appliance in which governments of China, Japan, and Singapore holds the eminent place.

AED is a portable electronic device which is light in weight and easy to handle. In the cases of the sudden cardiac arrest, this device plays a major role to help patients by sending an electric shock through victim’s chest in order to make his heart rate normal.

Singapore has faced a tough time in dealing with deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest and that forced Singaporean Government to take some strong measure to handle this situation. AED Singapore is a good example of effective utilization of a medical tool because after its usage the number of survivors has increased in Singapore.

This practice is not confined to hospitals because people can carry this device with them anywhere and through the basic understanding of its operations they can easily operate this device.

It has brought a lot of flexibility in the life of heart patients and provided the opportunity to make advancements in their lives. It is always beneficial to get the assistance of the medical specialist but it is also important to make the best use of technology that is available in the current world.

AED’s in Workplaces:

The role of AED in workplaces is significant because in most of the workplaces there are not much health safety measures available for the employees and it provides the best chance to the workers to utilize it in emergency situations.

The benefit of using AED in the workplace is that it saves a lot of precious time of treatment. It is too risky to avail the services of emergency medical service because it takes too much time which can take patient’s life as well.

Advanced AED’s are manufactured in such a way that they never allowed to give a shock to a victim that has a heartbeat. Its automatic system detects the rhythm of person’s heart person and if there is no symptom of heartbeat then it delivers an electric shock to person’s heart rate.

The proficiency of this medical gear can be understood by analyzing the track record of people that are saved through AED in public and workplaces. The presence of AED in workplaces is also important because a large number of patients dies before reaching the hospital due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Employees Training of AED:

The training for employees and all staff members is essential because it helps them to operate this device. Services of such people that are experts in handling medical equipment should be availed by different firms in order to provide training to their workers.

The efficient management system should be formed in different organizations that should look after the maintenance and handling of AED because this medical equipment can become the difference between life and death.

Employees should be given a basic understanding of AED that how and when it should be used because in some situations it is not essential to delivering the electric shock to the patient and so such information should be given to employees by experts.

The realization should be given to workers that early treatment is very important in the cases of heart attacks because time is very less in such situations. If proper care is provided to the patient within three to five minutes than chances are very bright of saving his life.

According to the research of renowned Health safety organizations, AED has helped to increase the survival rate by 60 percent that defines its significance in the medical industry.

The survival rate of the heart patients in cases of sudden cardiac arrests is directly linked to the effective use of AED so proper training and knowledge are essential to make the best use of this device.


AED has now become an integral part of workplaces because it is the best safety measure that can be utilized in different organizations without depending on the assistance of medical specialists.

The important thing for people and employees is to get familiarized to the functioning of this medical equipment because that is the only way it can produce beneficial results for them.

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