Advantages of Thermally Insulating a House with Cellulose | Cellulose insulation

Cellulose is a little known thermal insulation but highly recommended to protect our roofs, walls and facades in an ecological way.

This thermal insulating material is produced by crushing paper from newspapers that are surplus production from daily runs. After going through some processes of cutting and defibering, reducing the pages of the newspapers into thin strips of paper, these are mixed with boric salts providing the material with the characteristics of fireproof, insecticide and fungicide.

Advantages of Thermally Insulating a House with Cellulose
Advantages of Thermally Insulating a House with Cellulose

The whole cellulose manufacturing process , unlike those that are carried out to manufacture other thermal insulators such as rock wool or mineral wool, is completely ecological consuming very little energy.

One of the great myths of cellulose insulation is that when it is made from recycled newspaper, this insulating material does not behave correctly in case of fire. The truth is that isolating with cellulose perfectly protects our home against fire because although its manufacture uses newspaper paper, boron salts are also added that make the final result obtained give us a thermal insulating material that prevents the propagation of the fire , without generating toxic gases and reaching temperatures of up to 1500 degrees.

What other advantages does cellulose insulation have?

Cellulose applied to thermal insulation has a number of advantages over other materials used as thermal insulators;

  • It is an ecological material both in its raw material, recycled newspaper paper, and during its manufacturing process, less energy is used in its process and in transportation. In addition, their waste is in turn recyclable.
  • It can be adapted to any cavity due to its density which makes it a good thermal insulator to prevent the movement of air between walls and protecting the entry of cold inside the house.
  • It is the best insulation against heat . Due to its composition it is breathable and allows the interior of the house to have a comfortable temperature on summer days for longer avoiding excessive use of air conditioning.
  • It has acoustic insulation properties .
  • The contribution of boric salts during the manufacturing process of the cellulose insulation gives properties for the protection of the home against insect pests .
  • Because cellulose regulates the humidity of the materials prevents the spread of fungi.
  • As mentioned previously, the cellulose insulation has excellent fireproof properties.
  • Its installation is done in a single day and without works.

In addition to all these advantages, providing our homes with thermal insulation, either through the thermal insulation system blown or blown, reduces the energy bill we must pay every month.

We know that the cleanest energy is the one that is not consumed or at least the one that we do not waste. Once we have installed a cellulose insulation in our homes, we will check how spending on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer drastically reduces, gaining in energy efficiency .

Having your home insulated is one of the main requirements when you construct a home; this is particularly true for the regions with extreme weather condition. A good insulation not only regulates the temperature of your house, but also helps you to cut down substantially on your energy bills.

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