A Glimpse into Latex Paint

Latex Paint

Painting is just not coloring the walls, but it also fills our surroundings with a festive aura. The requirement to make the house look bright and beautiful is no longer a luxury but the most sought preference for all commoners. A well-painted house surrounded by a flowering garden gives a positive aura.

Latex Paint
Latex Paint

Although the industry is progressing with a wide range of new versions like acrylic, emulsions, premium, etc. yet Latex paint is a version of its own. Being easier to work with and also in comparison to rest dries more quickly. Latex paints are quite a sensible choice for general painting projects such as walls and ceilings. The name “Latex” was derived from the rubber base which was its previous version. Latex is a water-based paint. Most paint producers produce high-quality paints with an emphasis on innovation and eco-friendliness. Although the emulsion paints are highly durable and provide a better finish yet when it comes to the exterior and economical choice its latex paints.

Leading Paint brands

Asian and Berger paints are leading brands in the paint industry. They have been providing varied versions of decorative coatings. The latex version of paints is less fading and dries much faster. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, where there is often moisture. In comparison, Asian paints price and Berger Paints prices are par to par. For a reasonably short term quick solution and a fresh feeling for the exterior walls, you can choose latex paints.

Here is when we can use Latex Paint

The onset of the corona pandemic has taught each one the most important lesson of being content and focused on the essentials of life rather than on the luxury commodities. Likewise, even painting of the exterior walls helps in maintaining its shelf life, and what better than the economical latex paints. Incase in need of a short-term set up for a photoshoot, just a quick fix for a function or shifting to temporary rented accommodation- Latex paint is the right solution. Apart from being non-toxic, it is non-inflammable too. It is easy to clean with just soap and water. It can be easily applied and gives the required cover in fewer coats. Hence, people prefer it mostly for exterior walls.

Price Factor and Features

The price factor also attracts many. Asian and Berger being the most prevalent brands in India, offers varied shades that suit the clientele’s needs. Asian paints website gives the feature of uploading the pictures of the house and then visualize the right shades to decide which one to freeze on. In the Current day where traveling is limited and local shop keepers are also preferring social distancing, the online features are easy to use and the right way to choose.

The knowledgeable consumers are also able to surf the various versions of acrylics and thus decide how the use of latex paints on the exterior walls. Considering its economically lighter we can decide to have an annual coat thus liberating us from the pressure of financial and manpower stress.

Recommended use for a commendable outlook in the most economical pricing is the well-described version for Latex paint.

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