5 Common Cancer Myths

There are many popular ideas and myths about cancer that do more harm than good when believed. Explore these five common cancer myths and debunk some needless worry.

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer

Dietary choices play a large role in a person’s overall health, but when it comes down to eating sugar and artificial sweeteners, there is no evidence that either can cause or aggravate cancer. While it’s true that cancer cells consume more glucose than normal cells, there are no studies proving that consuming sugar will worsen cancer, nor will eliminating sugar from a diet shrink or eliminate cancer cells.

5 Common Cancer Myths
5 Common Cancer Myths

Cancer is a Death Sentence

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is terrifying and the initial news may feel like a death sentence, but the reality is that cancer doesn’t always end in death. There are numerous types of cancer, each with different survival rates. The earlier that cancer is detected and treated, the higher the chance of survival.

Some cancers are faster-growing than others, which also impacts the chance of survival. Lifestyle habits are an important factor to consider as well. Those who regularly consume alcohol, smoke, and eat poor diets may have higher risks of developing cancer.

A family history of cancer doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is predisposed or more likely to get a cancer diagnosis. Cancer results from harmful gene mutations. Everyone’s genes are unique, and five to 10 percent of cancers are caused by inherited mutations. All other cancers result from a lifetime of mutations due to cell degeneration over time, exposure to harmful substances, or unhealthy drinking and overeating habits.

Having a strong support system to help cope with the fear of fighting cancer is important to stay positive. The diverse therapists at the Therapy Group of DC are dedicated to science and improvement and welcome all patients. Using a personalized system, patients are paired with the best-fit therapist who will help them realize their potential and recognize their strengths.

Technology Causes Cancer

It’s a myth that cell phone usage causes cancer. There is no evidence tying the radio-frequencies emitted by cell phones to cancer. Microwaves also use radiation, but they aren’t strong enough to cause chemical changes in the body. Power lines emit electric and magnetic energy, however, walls and objects weaken or block electric energy.

Surgery and Biopsies Cause Cancer to Spread

It’s important to have a tumor removed and tested to determine if it’s cancerous and requires treatment. The chances of surgery or biopsies causing cancer to spread are minimal. Surgeons use special techniques and precautions to prevent cancer cells from spreading during procedures. One such technique is to use new surgical tools for each area of the body where tissue needs to be removed.

Early detection is the best way to beat cancer. The Ezra full-body MRI is a fast, accurate, and affordable cancer screening that detects up to 13 cancers in women and 11 cancers in men. Ezra’s Artificial Intelligence-powered MRI scans use clinically-appropriate scanning protocols on FDA-approved MR. scanners. To learn more about full-body cancer screening and to schedule an appointment visit ezra.com.

Cancer is Color Blind

Contrary to belief, anyone and everyone can get skin cancer. Whether someone is fair-skin or dark-skin, when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, skin cancer can occur. Fair-skin people are more likely to develop skin cancer due to a lack of melanin.

People with dark skin tones are more likely to develop melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer with a high probability of spreading through the body. Those who think that skin cancer is color blind are at risk for ignoring the symptoms of skin cancer, like moles with strange borders, lumps, or darkening of the skin.

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