Day: October 15, 2019

Tour & Travel Tips

8 Things to Pack for A Stress-Free Travel

As much as traveling is fun and exciting, having a stressful trip happens too. Instances like forgetting your phone charger can ruin a whole trip. It’s therefore vital to know the right essentials to pack to avoid being in a stressful traveling situation. No matter the type of trip, some things should not fail to […]

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SEO Tips

Top 10 Practices of Local SEO

Search engine optimization is the latest and advanced way to promote your business. Through this, it is convenient to directly engage the target consumer with a product or services they are looking for. Local SEO provides a way to be on the top of search engine results for the customers who are near to you. […]

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Technology Tips

SlideModel: Create Multipurpose Presentations In Minutes with Pre-designed PowerPoint templates

At some point in our lives, we all have used PowerPoint, be it education or career. Today, PowerPoint is not the same anymore. Gone are the days when businesses used to make use of standard templates and animations to get the job done. Nowadays, where technology is fuelling every domain as we speak, the art […]

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