15 Best Free Image Compression And Optimization Tools

15 Free Image Compression And Optimization Tools 2018:

A research was conducted by US.net habits that showed the shocking truth that people quit a page and click elsewhere if a page takes more than one second to load. Amazon, a forerunner retail marketer calculated that it loses 1.6 billion in sales each year because of a sheer one-second page slow page download.
1. Tiny PNG:-
This is a tool which provides advanced compression for PNG images while keeping total alpha transparency. Tiny PNG also reduces the size of the image file by selectively cutting the number of colors and bytes that the image consists of.
2. Compressor.io:-
Compressor.io is considered one of the most preferred image size optimization tools by users. The reason behind it is that it gives you the option to make a choice between (same picture quality) compression and lousy (picture quality reduction). However, lossless compression is only applicable to PNG and JPEG images.
3. PNG Gauntlet:-
This is a tool which has made Optimizing PNG files easier with PNG Gauntlet. The availability of this program is for Windows and it brings together PNGOUT, DeflOpt, and OptiPNG. This program is mostly useful concerning smallest files without affecting the quality of the image.
4. Trimage:
Trimage is a cross-platform tool that enables you to optimize JPG and PNG files with the use of PNGCrush, OptiPNG, JPEGOptim or AdvPNG. Trimage losslessly compresses on the highest available levels of compression, while removing EXIF and other metadata. Trimage enables you to download for a number of platforms such as Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.
5. ImageOptim:
ImageOptim is a tool which optimizes images by searching the most suitable compression parameters and removes irrelevant profiles of colors and comments. This tool is very useful when it comes to JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.
6. JPEG Optimizer:
JPEG Optimizer is an absolutely free of cost online tool that helps compress and resize photos and images in a way that the bandwidth is decreased and then one can use the images at places like blogs, emails, and forums. One just needs to download the image that one has to optimize then select a compression level available (from 0-99, with the default at 65) after that one has to select the needed image width and just click ‘optimize photo’ and your changes on the image will be done.
7. Shrink O’ Matic:
It is an Adobe AIR application which facilitates in resizing and batching images in an easier way. It also allows changes in GIFs along with JPGs and PNGs. Just drag and drop the images in order to make changes In their size. The option of customizing the settings is also given at this platform. One unique advantage of this tool is that it supports EXIF data which keeps the loss of data from images away.
This is one of the coolest image compression tools and it allows the compression of JPEG and PNG image files in a quick manner. One can upload up to 20 images in one go.
9. JPEG Reducer:
JPEG reducer is a tool helpful to let the shrinking of the size of the images and this feature allows them to load faster; JPEG reducer works by making use of lossy compression. However, one is unable to see the changes that have taken place.
10. Image Optimizer:
At Dynamic Drive, this tool is available. Easy optimization of JPGs, GIFs and PNGs can be done using Image Optimizer after which images are loaded a lot faster. It is very easy to convert images from one file type to another using this tool and it has an upload size here is limited to 2.86MB
11. Shrink Pictures:
It is easier to resize pictures and to choose the level of compression that has to be applied using Shrink Pictures tool.  Shrink Pictures supports JPG, PNG, and GIF. This tool helps you to easily select the maximum image dimension, to apply special effects and to download the optimized images.
12. CompressNow:
CompressNow is a free online tool that facilitates users to upload images from their computer and allows them to make a choice of compression percentage while the optimized image is being downloaded. The maximum size of an image that it allows is 3mb for a single image and one can make a choice of 10 images at one go.
13. Smush.it
This is an online service program and is useful in optimizing images which are offered by Yahoo Developer Network and it includes lossless compression techniques. The visual quality of the image is not affected when resized.
14. RIOT:
This free program that optimizes images for the web. The interface allows the user to compare the optimized image with the original image in real time. This is a fast program and it offers features for advanced users and supports many formats15. JPEGMini
15. JPEG mini:
JPEG mini takes a little ti,e but it is preferred because no compromise in the quality of the image is visible using this tool. This technology is applied to the baseline JPEG in this tool and it ends up in files that are compatible with any picture software or browser.

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