Women’s Guide: How to Dress in Summer?

It’s super hot outside and no matter how smartly, sensibly and stylish you dress, you would soon transform yourself into a sweating, bloated, frizzled and frazzled mess once you step out in the scorching heat of summers. Definitely it’s rough out there but, you really can’t stop going out so, it’s the time to think strategically in order to ensure maximum breeziness in your summer style. To help you out, we have scribed some hot-weather style in this guide that assures an un-melted yet hot look for you during summers.

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The cardinal rule as per the experts is to keep things as small as possible during summers. But, is it? Think wearing tight tanks and hot pants in summers and the mere thought will drench you in sweats. As per our fashion guide for summers, choose clothes that are a little baggy and loose just like the Bermuda shorts, button down shirts, indo western summer dresses, ethnic midi skirts, loose graphic tee and more. The extra room in these clothing will allow air to circulate more easily and hence keeping you cool.

Dressing up in summer is tricky as you have to choose everything wisely and everything includes your footwear too. You really can’t wear sneakers or sports shoes, ballerinas or Gladiators, Court shoes or ankle boots or any other shoe style that are covered and that can make your feet sweat more. For this reason, shoes that are open-toed, sturdy and flat are the most preferred shoe style for summers. Also, assure that they are not completely new as the new shoe in summer season can cause blisters.

Hat never hurts! Yes, that’s absolutely true for all the seasons of the year even summers. We agree that it appears hats will suffocate the head during summers but, do you even know how important it is to protect your scalp from the fiery UV rays during the hot summer weather? When you do this, you would stay cooler and the built-in ventilation in the hats will assure that it doesn’t hurt at all.

White is indeed the most preferred color of the season and hence, it is easy to find white colored ethnic kurtis, casual tops, button down shirts and other clothing during online shopping in summer season but, the patterns and prints are also great. Why? Well, they have the power to camouflage your perspiration way better than any other color. Yes, the sweat stains would seem alright with patterned clothing.

How to dress in summer is a question often associated with another question, “Which are the ideal fabrics for summer clothing”? The answer to this question is the same from ages. One should opt for linen, cotton, rayon, Chambray or any other breathable natural fabric that could help in sweat absorption. Polyester and synthetic fabrics often stick to skin as soon as you start sweating in summer and they do not help in evaporating your sweat.

A fashion fix for winters, layering has slowly and steadily paved its way in the summer season. it seems quite a contradictory idea to most the fashionista but, double layering in the hot weather is always a great idea. With this, you would be able to protect your skin from tanning and besides this, if one piece stick to your body, the other would help you when you start tugging, fanning and fixing think without flashing anything to others.

If you physics is right, you must be aware that darker colors are sure to retain more heat and hence, you should avoid them in summers. However, the darker colors are good in hiding your sweat patches. For this reason, the fashion experts have recently started suggesting choosing darker hues in breathable fabrics for summer season.

Dressing includes all the accessories too and that is applicable for summer season also. With this fact, you have to make sure that you have a great bag too while dressing up for summer season. Which kind of bag would be preferred in summers-a shoulder bag that would touch your skin or a cross body bag that has a thin strap? Well, we suggest you to choose cross body as it will hit at your clothed part and not skin directly.

Revealing too much skin in summers could be a reason for tanned skin but, the slip dresses are so sexy and stylish and comfortable that you really cannot say ‘no’ to them. You can embrace a cute slip dress for yourself when going out on hot nights.

Tucking things in seems easy but, the extra bit of fabric would rub against your skin that could create problems for you in summers. If you really don’t need to tuck in, don’t do it. Prefer cropped tops or the right kind of clothing that can help you feel breezy in respective of feeling sloppy.

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