Why Your Adsense Account Not Getting Approved 2020

For website owners and bloggers, Adsense remains in first place to make money. At present, double-click and Google Adsense hold more than half of the shares in the online advertising space. The hurdle that exists in Adsense is that it just does not accept new accounts easily. Many people do not let any stone upturn and follow all the guidelines to get their accounts approved but it just does not happen. They get frustrated and continue repplying for it.

Latest Google Adsense Approval Tips 2018
Latest Google Adsense Approval Tips 2018

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Here in this narrative, we have compiled some reasons that could be the reason for not getting your Adsense account approved. One can get some help if he/she is encountering approval problems on Adsense.

• No new website just gets accepted here in Adsense, it has to be at least 6 months old.
• If one is not approved, one can go ahead and give a try to hubbpages.com. After you create an account at hubbpages and write few articles, try applying for Adsense from hubbpages.com itself.
• The big reason for Adsense obstruction might be plagiarism. Even if your articles have 1% of plagiarism, Adsense will not accept it. Make sure no duplicate content is present on your blog/website.
• If you have a blog, it should be updated on a regular basis with new contents. In case of websites, they should be at least of 30 pages in length and the content should be relevant.
• Your blog should not contain any adult content.
• Celeb and wallpapers website is not taste of Google, so one should have quality content on one’s blog or website and then apply for approval. After approval, you can put wallpaper or celebrity stuff anywhere on your website.
• The layout and design should be professional as google discards haphazard and improper design and layouts for websites.

Do continuously keep on replying if you receive rejection mail for your approval because it can create more obstructions instead of helping you. You must work on the above points and apply next month. Reapplying writhing short intervals of time can even get your blog/website temporarily blocked from applying to Adsense!

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