A whole day trip in the New York City

In today’s busy lifestyle, more or less everyone wants to take a break from the mundane city life and wants to spend some quality time with family. However, going for long vacations every time is not possible! Hence, you can simply take a day off and can go for a family picnic, or maybe a long drive, or maybe you can arrange for a whole day trip in the NYC with your family. And to make your outing perfect, you can hire the New York limo service. This is probably the best way to enjoy your day trip to NYC, the famous city, which never sleeps in the most relaxing and comfortable way. Here is a short itinerary of the day.

Statue of Liberty Cruise

The boat ride through the New York Harbor around Ellis Island should definitely be included in your day trip. You may have taken this trip earlier, but with family, this boat ride will be fun. If you hire the New York limo service, start your journey from Wall Street followed by this popular destination.

Rockefeller Center

This is the city’s one of the popular Historic Places and a National Landmark as well. Since the 1930s, this Rockefeller Center in The Midtown Manhattan has been a famous New York hub.

Fifth Avenue

Going shopping with family is definitely fun! You can give your shopping spree a solution by visiting this worldwide famous shopping area. Other than that, some landmarks are also here, where you can take great family pictures together!

One World Trade Center

While paying a visit to the new World Trade Center complex in the NYC, do not forget to visit this architecture. This is not only the tallest building in the New York City but also the third-tallest building in the world.

Time Square

Your whole trip to New York City will be incomplete if you do not include Time Square in it! This is probably the most happening place in the city. Just sitting there with your family, clicking some great pictures together, maybe taking bites over some snacks while gossiping, enjoying the lights in the night can make priceless moments.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

In not only NYC, but this museum is immensely popular in the world also. This is one of the must-visit attractions in the city and your kids will simply love visiting it. The uncannily lifelike wax sculptures of both historic and modern figures are the main attractions here.

Other than the aforementioned places, you can include Museum of Modern Art, and Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in your whole day NYC trip itinerary.

When you hire the New York limo service for your whole day NYC trip plan, you do not have to worry about the traffic, road conditions, parking etc. Professional drivers will take care of everything. Also, enough space in a limo and the excellent features and amenities will make sure you travel in the most comfortable and relaxing way with all your family members.

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