Water Heater Repair Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Water Heater Repair Symptoms

Timing in life is just as important as time. In fact, an instinct for timing lets you know when to do the right thing. This truth applies to your domestic water heater. These essential machines need frequent and timely water heater repair services. Failing to discern when to call a repair expert might cause you many losses.

Besides, operating such a water heater could risk your family’s life since the possibilities of electrocution are real and high. So, how do you know when you should call an expert to repair your heater? Here are the leading signs that you should be calling a repair professional to fix your water heater.


  1. Rust in the Water Heater Tank

Rust in your hot water indicates that the heater is out of order or there’s another related problem. It also shows that the water is getting into the wrong places in the tank. If left unattended, it could corrode the heater’s tank and cause tank failure. It’s critical to call a repair expert to determine if the problem stems from the tank or rusted pipes.

  1. Insufficient Hot Water

Insufficient hot water also signals that you need to call an expert to fix the machine. Sediment buildup makes the heating element work harder than normal. Consequently, the overworked elements can produce leakage or break the tank. Additionally, leaks can slap you with excessive water bills. This point leads to the next, rising energy costs.

  1. Rising Energy Costs

Did you know that about 17% of the energy used in your home goes toward heating your water? Start checking your water heater if you notice abnormally rising water bills, especially when the water heater is aging. A heaters’ aging heating elements struggle to heat water to its desired temperatures. In the process, they use excess energy because they take longer than usual to heat water.

  1. No Hot Water

A water heater requiring urgent water heater repair will have issues heating water. You will notice that the heater fails to heat any water at all. It’s prudent to check its thermostat to find out where the problem is. If it’s turned too low, adjust it. If adjusting doesn’t solve the issue, call an expert to repair it.

  1. Fluctuating Water Temperatures

Fluctuating water temperatures is another sign that you need to contact an expert to repair your water heater. This problem shows that something is wrong with the heater. The challenge could be due to accumulated mineral deposits in the heater. These deposits occur gradually and cover the heater’s heating elements, significantly reducing their heating power.

Calling a professional will help assess the situation to determine the best solution. They can repair the machine or recommend replacing the heating elements instead of buying a new heating unit.

  1. Low Pressure

Low pressure is another sign that you should be calling a repair expert to fix your water heater. Slowly, mineral deposits accumulate inside your heater. These accumulations make the heater inefficient by building on and blocking the heater’s pipes. Consequently, water pressure that’s coming out of the system reduces. Other causes of this problem include poor design or faulty distribution lines.

  1. Strange Sounds

All healthy heaters produce low humming sounds while heating water. However, cracking or banging sounds aren’t normal; they indicate that the device has a problem. You have to call a repair expert to assess the appliance and fix the problem. These sounds arise because the accumulated mineral deposits make the heater overheat.

  1. Tank Leakage

Have you noticed that your water heater’s tank is leaking? If you have, this sign clearly tells you that something is seriously wrong with the heater. This leakage should prompt you to call a repairer to check the machine and recommend a replacement.

  1. Dirty Water

Dirty water emitting from the heater is another sign that you should be calling a professional to repair the heating unit. You may also notice the heater emitting cloudy water that has a metallic smell. This sign proves that the heater is failing. It also means that the heater has some dirty mineral deposits that make their way out through the faucet.

If you notice that the water has a reddish-orange color, it is most likely that the heater has rusted or the house pipes supplying it with water have corroded. Don’t ignore these symptoms since timely professional attention could uncover bigger hidden problems.

Knowing when to call an expert to offer water heater repair services is critical if you want to enjoy the heating system’s services. This discussion focused on the top signs to look for to know when to get professional intervention. Use them to make informed and timely decisions.

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