6 Unique Christmas Experiences You Should not miss out in Kolkata

The city of joy, Kolkata is indeed in a jovial mood during the months of festivities. It is renowned for its Durga Puja celebration and is all decked up in October. A similar picture is witnessed during December when the city is equally prepared for the celebration of Christmas. The colonial neighborhoods of Anglo barracks are completely smothered in the Christmas vibes. This is not restricted to the Christian community, but the entire city welcomes the festival with much frolic and gusto.

6 Unique Christmas Experiences You Should not miss out in Kolkata
6 Unique Christmas Experiences You Should not miss out in Kolkata

Get into these unique Christmas experiences in Kolkata

Catch the carnival at Park Street:

If you are planning to hop the city during the Christmas festivities, then make sure to add Park Street in your travel bucket list since Park Street is synonymous with the word Christmas in Kolkata. What can be better than an open-air arena thronging with a plethora of folks? The nearby Allen Park hosts a party with live performances of rock music and many different songs; the small kiosk serves an array of food extravaganza, other stalls selling various presents and goodies. The web of fairy lights scattered through the entire streets which are pedestrianized allowing no vehicle as the partying crowds descend to create a gala-like feel. The zeal of the mass is definitely to fall for, and this becomes the ideal spot to celebrate Christmas in Kolkata.

Go for a midnight mass in the heritage churches:

The city ushers the Noel in high spirit along with people of different religious faiths attending the midnight mass at the heritage churches. The age-old colossal Gothic edifice, St. Paul’s Cathedral nestles in the southern limits of Maidan, which shelters a large mass of people and remains one of the iconic destinations to attend the midnight celebrations. Another prominent architecture of Roman Catholic’s, the St. Thomas Church at the Middleton Row is equally popular for hosting the midnight mass. Besides, the Christmas-eve can also be celebrated a few kilometers away from the city in the eminent Portuguese legacy of the St. James Church popularly known as the Bandel Church.

Do visit the Kolkata Church itinerary: 

Speaking of the country’s former capital, Kolkata has been a home to several churches that belongs to the Christian sect of the colonial rulers. Apart from the typical Catholic and Protestant churches, there are a host of others that have associations with Syrian, Armenian and Greek Orthodox traditions. These classic structures are scattered at different parts of the city and you can prepare a Kolkata Church itinerary to visit these remarkable locations. St. Martin’s and St. John’s churches are situated in Dalhousie BBD-Bag. You can visit the Scottish St. Andrew’s Kirk, which is famous for its architecture. In between the Brabourne Road and Canning Street you can locate the Portuguese Church. From here, you can drive to St. Stephen’s Church that resides in the locality of Kidderpore.

In the eastern corner of the city, you can find St. James’ Church also known as Jora Girja. This Gothic structure has twin spires that are joined by a pediment. The famous St. Paul’s Cathedral and the St. Thomas Church can’t be missed that are in the vicinity of the prestigious tourist destination Victoria Memorial. Besides, you can peek at the Greek Orthodox Church, which lies near the famous Kalighat Temple.

Revive the Anglo Indian feel at Bow Barracks:

The Bow Barracks is the narrow lane tucked between the area of Hare street and Bow Bazaar Police Station. The Anglo Indian mass of the city resides in the red bricks estates of Bow Barracks locality. During Christmas in Kolkata week, you can feel the surge of delight in hymns and carols. Moreover, you can taste the flavors of traditional foods like vindaloo, cakes and rose cookies sold by the local residents. Don’t forget to pick some bottles of their homemade wines.

Enjoy the flavors of festivities:

The real ethos of Christmas in Kolkata lies in the quintessential cakes and the conventional fare. You can step into the iconic cake shops and bakery that sell the signature plum, fruit and Dundee cakes. Alongside this, it is good to plan in advance a brunch or buffet in the popular restaurants of Park Street. You can select from the queue of restaurants to indulge in tasty delicacies like roasted duck, turkey, grilled vegetable, fresh bread, etc., that are prepared especially for the Christmas feast.

Shop in the market:

If you are preferring to shop around for Christmas goodies and gifts, then New Market, Esplanade is the place in Kolkata. There are lots of decoration items to pick like a Christmas tree, fairy lights, stars, bells, candies, cookies, and others. The enthusiasm on the roads can be very well seen through the footfall of the shoppers, but don’t forget to bargain until you feel satisfied with a fair deal.

The crowd filled streets, the glittering lights, trees, Christmas carols, rock music, sumptuous delicacies, lively gatherings, gifts, the aroma of cakes and pastries are what make the city more charming and brighter. To gather a unique experience of Christmas in Kolkata, you must head towards the town that comes alive to celebrate this festivity.

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