Top 5 Tips for Publishing Your Own Book | 5 Tips for Self-Published Authors to Sell Ebooks Online

Writing is no doubt a tiring and tough job in itself. Throughout in the process of writing, publishing and marketing, the author remains in the stress and anxiety. This article is a short tour to explain the elaborate the writing, printing and marketing process to all the prosperous writers. Let’s start with the crucial steps that play an important role while getting a book published. 

Tips to blend in while writing a book:

  • Eliminate the writer’s block: Divide your book into heads to eliminate the writer’s block. The major and primary reason for writer’s block is that the heads are not decided prior to writing. First of all the storyline of the book must be clear in your mind then you should accordingly divide the story into different chapters. After this, add some sub-heads, which should portray the key features that needs to be incorporated in that particular chapter. This clears the insight and vision of what needs to be incorporated where. Also, it prevents your mind from saturation. 
  • Run away from the myths: Books are not written or created in a day. Stay away from the myth and avoid rushing with the writing part. Give yourself and your script ample amount of time that is required for new and innovative idea to pop up. Do not write more than 3-4 sub-headings in a day.
  • Avoid obsession: Over doze of anything isn’t good. Obsession of your book is equally hazardous for your book as it is for you. It blocks your head for new ideas suggested by others. Rigidity is good when comes with flexibility that is beneficial for you. You must listen to each and every idea, analyse it and then move further with any decision.

Tips to be minded while going for publishing:

  • Choose your publisher wisely: No matter whether you go for Self e-book publish in India, paperback or hardcover for your book, the publishing company must be experienced and efficient enough to cater the services that they claim.
  • Self publishing or conventional publishing: As the kind of book doesn’t matter so is with the publishing style. Both have their set of advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon you, how much you can extract from your service provider. And NO, you need not to be rude or stubborn with them.
  • Publish e-book in India is not a big deal with a gamut of self publishing sites available but one can’t be the master of each and every field. Considering this in mind one must choose the publisher who can guide him/her to have a better cover design, editing, formatting etc. Else there are many free e-book publisher in India to choose from.
  • Royalty: If a publisher is giving you high royalty, that is good but for the first book, best suggestion would be to run behind the quality rather than royalty. Apply the logic of first impression is last impression here. The first book of yours must be error free and of good quality.

Tips to merge while marketing your book:

  • Online is a new world: Online marketing is a must if you want your book to do well in the 21stcentury. Marketing over Facebook and twitter is not that new but yes it still amazing to see how it boosts the sale of the book.
  • Facebook: A strategy is the must when you go for any promotion. A series of banners can be posted over the Facebook to create the buzz for your book. The series should portray some sort of interesting story, related to your book.
  • Twitter: It is the perfect medium to express your feelings related to the book. Two to three lines portraying your expressions along with a banner over same theme will do well. The writing and expressions though portray your feelings but should be written by a professional wo can better describe the feelings in limited words.
  • End your marketing: Till the time people hear, people buy. As soon as you stop marketing your book, the sale of the book will stoop down slowly and gradually. No matter how famous your book becomes, it will vanish as the market buzz slows down. End the marketing when you are satisfied with the sale of the book and are ready with the next one.
About Author: Rohan is a blogger and book publisher expert, while much of his time is spent writing, blog, guest, and article post. How to publish ebook and proffers online marketing of books and ebooks. He also likes to write on various topics.

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