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By the invention of new and modern technology people have changed their lifestyle and their demands in the market. New inventions brought new thoughts and the new thinking towards life. It’s really essential to satisfy customers demand. New technology and Android App Developers are used in every field to impress customers. To make them increase companies sales and purchase ratio. One of the modern technologies smart inventions was the development of Smartphone’s. To make the phone smart the inventors developed applications. This was in short known as Apps.


Mobile apps helped people to make their life easy going and entertained. Mainly Android apps this is built specially for Smartphone’s. It really helps and supports large numbers of applications in Smartphone’s. To develop a new Android app is not an easy task it needs a huge research regarding market and customer demand. If you want to succeed as an android app developer you have to keep some essential aspects in your mind. There are some important matters which you have to be aware of.

You have noticed there are a number of different apps in Google stores some may have downloaded and have good reviews about it and some applications are unnoticed and not even having good reviews about it. So at first, you have to research what makes customers download and use a particular application. In what way you can encourage and direct them to download your apps. What quality impress them .such research you have to do. You have to get into the minds of people and identify the key point. So as an android app developer you have to go through some tips which will help you to succeed.

Go with new trends:

If you want to connect with customers and clients, first you have to understand their new taste and new demand. Normally there are different kinds of apps some are selected by the customers and some are rejected because they don’t see any specialty in apps. What they need and expect in new apps. They need new features and new dimensions in the app. so first you have to identify that. As new technologies are developed and invented according to that you have to move.

Pay attention to your users:

This is another major trick to earn trust and confidence of your users. Listen to them carefully. Accept if any changes are needed and according to that change the features of your app. Users contentment is very important to grow in business. If you listen to your users they feel that you are concerned about them and they will always appreciate being heard.

Believe in your plan:

If you are or you want to be an independent developer first believe in your ideas and plan. If you believe in yourself it will be like the first step towards your success. Do your researches be confident and be sure that your app will provide new facility and modern features to your customers. Never lose your confidence.

Be aware of the android market:

It’s a general fact that in the world more than 80%of people use Android operating system than any other operating system. So you should know how android system behaves. Android users mostly download new games. Their revenue mostly comes from downloading games. So you have to understand everything according to that you have to plan your strategies to promote your product and reach out the customers.

Think from the customer’s point of view:

It’s easy to criticise and question others but you will come to know the feeling only when you are in that place. So always think what new you want. Think if you want to download or buy a product what will be in your head or what you will expect from that product. Before planning or taking any decisions think whether it’s useful to you. Whether you will buy or download it. Never think it’s not your cup of tea but actually it’s your tea and first, you have to taste it and test it.

Be a perfectionist:

Perfection’s just like a hallucination. Nothing will be perfect and no one is being perfect. But you just can try to be perfect and efficient with your product and service. Never cheat on your customers. Never show what you don’t have. Try to sell the best product and service to your customer. If you commit any mistake unknowingly accept it apologize it customer will appreciate it. Be passionate about your work. Never work for work sake. This attitude will help you to reach the top and will spread positivity among the customers.

Slow and steady wins the race:

I know you heard this proverb which is so meaningful and have deep moral values you are a beginner always try to start from small and simple which will help you to understand and calculate the components and strategies of the business. It will help you to understand your own potentiality. Whether, you can handle a larger amount of problems and other works. Whether, you are mentally ready for it or not. If you are not ready this small scale will make you ready for that. Then you can move to larger one. When every complexity and problems are solved you will be on the right track. Take baby step then you can move to big one.

Try to learn new things about android:

When you are stepping into the Android world as a new developer it’s very important that you have to learn and understand a lot of things about it. First read about the Android operating system. List out what you don’t know about it then research about it. Get to know it. Ask about it learn about it. Nothing can be learned in one day it’s a slow process every week trying to learn new things passionately this will help you in your work. When you are going to another country or another place, you should have some knowledge about their language to exist there. Like that Android is a bigger and a different world of the operating system when you step into it you should know something about it and it’s necessary to exist in this competitive world.

Learn more languages:

When I am asking you to study different languages it’s related to programming languages. There is a number of programming languages exist in this technological world so you should have some knowledge of programming languages. You should keep updating yourself with this new technological world. To stay in this competitive world you should go hand in hand with modern strategies and developments. Get new ideas and improve your Android development skills.

Never give up:

It’s of course not an easy task. You can’t achieve perfection and success overnight. It requires time and hard work. You will commit mistake and you have to learn from that. When people criticise your product and service listen to them never ignore it. Think how you can overcome it. Never give up and keep up the confidence and believe in yourself.

 These are some tips and tricks which can follow and accept. As I said it’s not an easy task but never doubt your ability and ideas. Ask advice and opinion from experts if you need. Always accept criticism and listen to customers. Your priority should be your customers and clients satisfaction. If you achieve it then you will succeed.

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