Tips to Write Your Dissertation with Perfection

Dissertation writing is a lengthy task to complete and it gets lengthier as you advance in your studies. In this post, I am going to suggest how you can transfer your ideas properly in your dissertation.

Once you have formed your dissertation outline and have completed your research notes, you are ready to start writing your dissertation. You are not in need to start writing inevitably in the beginning, it is actually better to write introduction at the end when you are fully aware of the development of your arguments and findings in the dissertation.

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Tips to Write Your Dissertation with Perfection
Tips to Write Your Dissertation with Perfection

First of all, start to write the parts of your dissertation which you find easy, and then set all the parts in proper order in accordance with the outline. While compiling your paper, you will come across some areas that need further research, so be in regular contact with your library during the completion of your research.

To convey your ideas properly, your writing style is of vital importance. Your dissertation will fail to impress your adviser if it is poorly expressed and phrased. Thus, you must devote much of your time to write your paper to make it a quality piece of work.

Divide your work to two or three drafts, and get them checked by your adviser to refine them before the final draft.

Finding Your Writing Style

While doing research on your selected topic, you must have read a lot of good articles. Choose a quality academic text which is easily and enjoyably readable to you. Analyse different structures and plan how to present your arguments properly. Select good vocabulary and punctuation to make your dissertation impressive.

While studying others’ written papers, just judge how the styles used by the writer have convinced the readers and you can apply the same style and techniques in your writing.

Sub-headings are very effective to break up the text and informing the reader about different stages of your research. Squeeze these sub-headings as you go through each and every draft to ensure that they are of great value in providing an effective summary of the segment.

Don’t repeat your ideas. Read your written ideas again and again and discard all the repeated words, sentences and phrases from your paper.

Structuring Your Sentences

While writing research methodology, it is of vital importance to distinguish your key points in your discussion from the less important ideas. Give full weight to your main points by describing them in a proper manner. The elaborations can be provided in the following sentences.

It is a common blunder to consider that the longer sentences are more effective to convey an idea properly. Just remember that each word has a meaning of its own. So, just be effective in structuring your ideas in proper and impressive words.

Introduce each new point in a new sentence instead of adding the clause. Connective words and phrases can be used at the beginning of the new sentence if essential, to designate its connection to the preceding one and make your writing work in a flow.

Acknowledging Your Ideas

Though your dissertation must have your personal innovative ideas, you must also want to submit the ideas of other writers on the same topic.

In your dissertation, you must critically appraise those ideas and recognize what problems you are facing in your area of research and what is still needed to be explored.

To back up your own arguments, the work of others can also be used as evidence, but you must add the footnote to clearly indicate the original source.

Perfect the Bibliography

Be assured that you have enough references to books, articles, publications and sources you have used. There may be some primary sources, which means non-academic sources just as newspapers, interviews, timetables, statistics, etc. You must also quote some secondary sources, which are typically academic articles that are used to analyse primary sources.

Many referencing style guides are already available, and you will be further guided by your academic department to use some particular referencing style in compiling your dissertation. Constancy is critical, and a detailed attention is required on your part to details such as punctuation, grammar, style and bibliography.

If you follow these tips, you will surely produce a 2:1 standard dissertation paper.

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