Tips to give away what people really want to receive

The gift of happiness belongs to the person who develops it

Giving gifts is an art that requires wisdom to do well. If it were so simple, there would not be so many people dissatisfied or frustrated when they receive their gifts, because they feel as if they did not know them in the least.

It is not about looking good for any reason; it is about the other person feeling that it is really important for you and that you have taken the time to know her and analyze her tastes and personality.

Weshow you the things that you have to take into account before you are going to look bad for lack of information.

Study the person well and if you think that you still need to discover more of their tastes, look on their social networks. Here applies the saying: “Tell me what you publish and I will tell you who you are”.

You need to know what kind of role you play, what hobbies you have.

Set a budget for your gift. That has a limit of the minimum that you think to invest and of the maximum that you can spend. The closeness you have with the person and your economic condition can greatly influence this point.

Never give away something that you would not like to receive. Never!

Try to give useful things according to the lifestyle of the other person. It is better to give something that can be used and thus avoid leaving your gift anywhere with dust or, worse, to keep it.

Be very aware of your passions. If you know that he likes to read, give him a good book. If you ride a bike, give it a bike tool or a protective accessory. If you love plants, give them a bunch of flowers or even a bonsai to last.

Pay close attention when the people of your interest converse. Most times they usually talk about the things they want to get, what they are missing or what they would like to be given. You must be very perceptive. These types of signals occur spontaneously.

Never think of giving away underwear or similar clothes (only if you are married would it be interesting). First, because it is unusual for you to know the exact size of your friend or co-worker. And second, because it is really uncomfortable and intimidating for someone to find you with a garment of this style.

If you have what to invest with, be sophisticated and tasteful. You can give something that is in trend and has design.

Less is more. Do not try to impress by buying the entire store or the entire florist. This only shows how insecure you are and how little you know the other person.

Give back experiences. These gifts are eternal because they stay in the mind forever. Invite that special person to an amusement park, take her to a play, practice some extreme sport with her or visit a farm in her company.

Chocolates are a good complement, but do not count as a gift for special dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Birthdays. They are valid as a detail if you want to surprise someone suddenly, out of any special date, simply to show your love; however, remember, they can be the ideal complement to your gift, especially if it is an anniversary.

If you think that you are definitely not going to hit the other person’s taste, or have little time to look for something decent, give them a Gift Card. This works very well, since the person has the possibility to choose what they like in the store that you chose.

If nothing convinces you, give something done by yourself. Currently there are millions of tutorials that can help you get out of this predicament. That other person will appreciate your effort enormously.

If you decide to buy something, do not expect the seller to give you the solution to all your problems with such vague indications as: “I am looking for a gift for a person of certain years, man (or woman), who already has everything and I do not know what to give him ” He can advise you better if you indicate what are the tastes of that person, whether it is high or low, fat or thin, and so on. Without a doubt, you know better the person to whom you are going to buy the gift, than the seller himself.

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