The Top Five Things To Do In Anguilla

When you plan your next vacation to Anguilla, you need to create a full itinerary that allows you to experience as much of the island’s culture and attractions as you can see. There are many lovely things to do in this paradise. Plus, you need to remember that you can organize some of these experiences ahead of time. Use the steps below to create a vacation that your family will never forget.

The Top Five Things To Do In Anguilla
The Top Five Things To Do In Anguilla

1. Get A Good View At Little Bay

As you search for Anguilla villas for rent, you can stay in some amazing places like Little Bay. This location will give you the best view of a sunset that you can get on the island, and you can stay in villas that are the right size for your family or group.

There are small villas that work perfectly for couples, and there are massive villas that will help you host a dozen people or more. The villa should have a kitchen, Irving room, TV, and pool. You can stay in the villa for days at a time, or you could host parties in the villa.

When you stay at Little Bay, you also have access to boats that could take you out on the water for an experience that you will not forget.

2. Go Sailing/Fishing

You can go sailing with a charter captain who has a boat on the bay. You can take the boat out for a day on the water where you will circle the island and explore the coast. You may take the sailboat out for a fishing journey that will allow you to go farther out, catch some fish, and enjoy learning how to fish.

The captain will take you to places that you can catch fish reliably, and you could tour around the island as you search for a good fishing spot. The sailing experience might allow you to lie down and rest in the sun when you are a few miles from the island. You may fish for part of the journey, party for the rest of the voyage, and come back when the sun has finally set.

Schedule your charter boat ahead of time so that you get the best price. You need to let the captain know how many people will be in your group, and you can order the fishing gear that you might need for the trip. There are also times when the charter company will let you go scuba diving off the side of their boat.

3. You Must Try The Street Food

Street food in Anguilla is a big part of the culture. The cuisine of this island has been impacted the colonialists who arrived during the age of Christopher Columbus, and the natives of the islands have been mixing their original recipes with the Spanish recipes that were brought over. Every island in the area has its own style of food, and street food gives you the most authentic look at food in the area.

When you find a good street food vendor, you can go back to them every day for more. When you make friends with the street food vendor, you will change the way that you eat. Your street food vendor will love to get to know you, and you could even order from them when you get home. You are helping this person build their business while eating well.

4. Go To Sandy Island

Sandy Island is an amazing place to visit that is nothing but a large beach. Sandy Island is a lovely sailing trip that you can take during the day, and you could even sit on the beaches of Sandy Island to watch the sunset. This is a location that you may visit more than once, and you could fish not the shores of Sandy Island if you plan to spend the day there.

5. Take A Road Trip

You can take a road trip around the island to meet the people, to find small villages, and to find great food. The road trip that you take could start when you rent a car on the island or hire a driver to take you where you want to go. You can drive along the coast where you can see the ocean, or you could drive into the interior of the island where the people live.

Each small village that you find along the way has nice people and good food that you must try. You could ask your driver to take you to small shops that will provide you with amazing crafts and experiences.

If you take a road trip along the shore, you may want to stop at all the beaches you find. You can try beaches that are rocky, beaches that seem to be abandoned, and beaches that give you a view of other islands in the area.


Your next trip to Anguilla can be quite a lot of fun if you have planned well in advance. You can schedule your fishing trip, time on a sailboat, or a journey to Sandy Island. You can find the best street food on the island, or you could find Anguilla villas for rent that will host all of your family and friends. Plus, you can go on a road trip that will show you all the hidden parts of the island most tourists do not see.

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