What are the Secrets for Writing Essays?

But once you start doing this, you realize that an essay is written by itself. Just fill in your ideas, whether you’re stating the topic closest to your heart or discussing a point of view. Let your thinking flow naturally in a logical, live fashion. If you decide to do such paperwork, once you’ve identified the two essays, decide which matches and differences to focus on. This way you can effectively put an idea into a specific topic by connecting with your readers. Organize your essay into alternate or separate formats. If you want to get tips and tricks so then GPALabs is the best site to give you quality services providing services.

What are the Secrets for Writing Essays
What are the Secrets for Writing Essays

There are some useful tips that you can follow:


When comparing contrast essays, the first step is to choose a topic such as two events that you have recently participated in. You can focus on the two people you love most about your heart that you can easily write to. Two interesting things are that you see daily or two places that you have many similarities and differences with right now.

Compare your essays

Change the details from one side of the comparison or oppose the other, giving specific details to support both of your comparison essays each time. Go into detail about the essays you are comparing and what is important about them. Describe the features of the first essay, and then transition to the second, cautiously stating that you are pre-authoring the second essay. Consider the relationship between the topics you have chosen and align your essay around the similarities and differences.

Write an argument

Matching paragraphs should be consistent throughout the paragraph so that the reader is confused. This will also give a comparison to the comparison paragraph. Use ingredients such as the same, the same way, the same, the same, either, or both.

For example 1) Boranaki Island and El Nido in Palawan are both favorite tourist destinations in the Philippines. 2) The beach resorts of Boracay Island attract foreign tourists as much as El Nido.

Contradictory expressions

After presenting the similarities, discuss the differences between these two essays by using contradictory expressions or references in your contradictory paragraph such as another difference, while, but, while, different in many ways. Examples: The beach resorts of Boracay Island and El Nido in Palawan are backpackers’ paradise. However, Boracay has become too crowded for comfort. Foreign tourists also make El Nido an option for a more relaxed vacation and a little privacy. After citing similarities and differences in the essays you select, restore your essay to the end so you can create your own. Implementing your recommendation affects your reader.

Strong closing paragraph

The last paragraph of the comparative essay should be serious in a couple of sentences of your argument. You should emphasize your conclusion about the topics you have discussed. Like storytelling, your paper should not leave readers with many unanswered questions in their minds.

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