6 Pro & Cons of Security Camera Systems in Public Places

Security has become a significant concern over the past few years. With the rise in street crimes, public security has become an area of interest all around the world, and especially the US. The number of mass shootings has increased tenfold. In 2019 alone, there have been more than a hundred mass shootings at public places that have resulted in the death of 246 people and injured 979. Out of all the shootings, only two were at schools, and one was at a place of worship.

6 Pro & Cons of Security Camera Systems in Public Places
6 Pro & Cons of Security Camera Systems in Public Places

The data shows how the increase in crime has become a worrisome issue. While the NRA refuses to change their policies, the only alternative that one has is to increase the level of security in public areas. Going out is something we can’t avoid; we can’t be scared and sit at home. Here mentioned below are the pros and cons of security camera systems in public places.


While we would feel more comfortable if there was a police officer at every turn, it isn’t practical. The next best thing that we have is vivint security cameras. At least we have the security that someone has our backs. Knowing that in case of any crime, there will be evidence to sort out the matter, gives a sense of security. With your mind free from the worries of security, you can live a more fulfilling and happy life.

If you want to have a similar sense of security at home, all you have to do is type security camera companies near me on Google, note down their address, and visit them at your earliest convenience. You can have a meeting and learn about different packages and options that they are willing to provide. It is better to meet at least three companies before you make your final decision.

  • Helpful in gathering evidence

Security cameras are helpful in gathering evidence. In various ongoing cases, security cameras have provided significant help in tracing the whereabouts of the suspects. In theft, murder, and kidnapping investigations, they help the police locate important things related to the case. While the cameras record people going from one place to another, most of the time they also catch a crime in action.

If the cameras record some armed people entering the bank, the police can be alerted before the robbers manage to carry out the heist. Even if they do manage to get inside and destroy the internal security system, you can easily use the public security cameras to identify the culprits.

  • Tool of deterrence

Security cameras are also a tool of deterrence. Higher numbers of security cameras in an area correspond with a lower level of crime. If one knows that there is a security camera nearby, chances are that no one would want to commit a crime.

The correlation between the number of security cameras and crimes dictates that people tend to commit more hideous acts when they think they’re away from prying eyes. People tend to save public face and act cordially when there are people around. Human minds work in mysterious ways and tend to hide the dark side. If there is no place that one can hide in public, chances are they will have to control their evil impulses or risk of getting caught.

  • Archive

Modern wireless security cameras are also beneficial because they store data in an online archive that can be really helpful in solving all kinds of crime. Whether your car has been stolen, you left something somewhere, or you think someone has been tailing you, you can get records dating back to when the cameras were installed. Such an archive has proved beneficial for the police in many cases; it can help use facial recognition to track any person of interest.


  • Security at the cost of privacy

Some people argue that public security violates privacy. I tend to disagree. I would rather have someone in charge know about my whereabouts and know if I got home safely than being in an alley and praying someone finds out I’m here before I die. Everything comes at a cost, and if privacy is the cost of me staying alive, then I will surely pay it.

Apart from that, the DMV has certain privacy protocols; they don’t interfere unless it’s an active crime. If we think about it, we already post half our lives on Facebook, and half the world already knows what we’re up to just by looking at our Facebook pages. A little extra vigilance shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Vulnerable to cyber intervention

As there have always been people in charge of our safety, there have always been those who have tried to make their task harder. While cameras are a tool of security maintenance, they can easily be infiltrated. The world is filled with people who thrive on chaos, hidden in the dark corners of the internet; they learn to infiltrate systems of security and then attack.

Although there are many security protocols to take care of hacks, the cyber world is filled with back doors. You might not even know that your security system has been compromised until it’s too late. There is always a chance that such systems can also be tricked. For example, one can create a loop, and no one would notice until the crime is committed.

Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on, you should understand that there can never be something that is 100% good or 100% evil. There is always a grey area; you have to give up something to get another thing. Privacy is the price you pay for the assurance that nothing bad will happen, and if it does, the culprit will be caught. I hope the article has cleared a few things up for you, if you think there are other pros and cons that I might have missed out, feel free to mention in the comments below.

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