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Hijab alongside other clothing and rituals is one of the codified dresses that is worn over the head by women all over the world in Muslim countries. Seen mostly in Middle Eastern countries it traces back its history even before the advent of religion Islam. Prophet gave its Muslim women a stand apart status among the other females. It has also been part of Roman and ancient Greece. It is considered to be keeping the dignity of women at a higher level and protect her from the evil.

Online Market for Hijab A New Dawn
Online Market for Hijab A New Dawn

Depending on the various cultural traditions Hijab is of several forms used all over the world serving different purposes. But most prominent in Muslim women it also gets its names from the Urdu language. Abaya, chador, khimar, niqab and numerous others are forms of hijab found all over. They are made up of different materials like chiffon, cotton, khaddar etc which depends upon the changing weather and climate circumstances. In near to equator countries they are used to protect the women from the scorching heat and sand. Further its variations also depend upon the shariah law in some parts also.

Over the time from being a strict use of hijab it has undergone various variations according to the need of the fashion so that it doesn’t feel like there is any boundation. From using it in routine life to sportswear hijab has seen some remarkable transformations. From brands like Barbie dolls dressed in hijab to athletic built Nike pro-hijab are available at hijab clothes online shop on different websites. The women understanding another women’s need took some initiatives and improvised what was mandatory for them. Sports fit hijab helps them to cool down their body temperature and soaks up the sweat and is more breathable for optimal performance. Hijab these are available in flexible fabric that fits different size of the head. This inspired young women to come forward in different fields where they could not enter earlier. Further, the hijab shop online has made the availability wider than it used to be because the advanced form of hijabs is not available in the backward areas of the countries.

Hijab wearing women are walking the ramps and going to the events maintaining the law of the religion and keeping up its dignity. The wide variety available all over like denim hijabs does not let women anymore feel inferior to contemporary women. The online business has also seen a rampant increase in the sale of different forms of hijab. Sellers of these variants have found a good way to make some money in this field and supporting these women to enter every sphere. They can now showcase their different creations in different colours. Such trending things which are need of the hour could help Muslim women across the globe see the hijab from totally a different angle, thus, putting them alongside other women to whom they were inferior before. Hijab is trending these days among all Muslim community around the world.

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