What is Need For Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing Mix

Digital Marketing is a field which has become awfully popular today. Be it extremely small brands, or be it a giant like PepsiCo., all these brands are indulged in the process of Digital Marketing, which in itself is a thing to be proud of, as almost two decades ago, the field did not even exist. But that is not the case today, as people of every field, be it big or small, be it a startup or a giant firm, or be it someone related to an art, to commerce or be it a science-related company or a business, every one of them has found their way into the digital marketing world.

What is Need For Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing Mix
What is Need For Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing Mix

But not all those businesses can afford to come on the first page of Google (SERP) by doing SEO, nor can all of them run big AdWords Campaigns as a lot of them are small companies have short budgets, so where from can they bring traffic to their website. Social Media is the obvious answer. People, most of us today if, can be found somewhere in huge numbers is on social media. And this is why it is extremely important to include

Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing in our Marketing strategies.

Social Media Optimization, as the name, can tell talks about optimizing our website/blog’s ranking on social media platforms organically. Be it getting more likes on our Facebook Page, more followers on Instagram or more retweets on our Twitter handle. All of this is very necessary so as to maintain a social presence of our business. Moreover, this is ‘Optimisation’ hence is organic, meaning ‘Free’ in the layman’s terms.

So what are the basic techniques to optimist one’s website for social media platforms?

  1. Content Marketing:

    Undoubtedly the number one thing to focus on is Content. When working on any of the digital marketing platforms, you need to ensure that the content you are uploading is original and of great quality. This will ensure that not just the Google Algorithm but also the readers will appreciate the content that you have written. Just make sure that the use of Jargon is not there, the use of graphic and infographic, visual content is also there. Make sure that you have used easy language and even the editing symbols have been used in a way that people understand the content well.

  1. Social Sharing: 

    Sharing is something that will give you maximum business, make sure that you share every important post of yours on different social media platforms. Meaning if you think that a post that you have uploaded to Instagram will do well, make sure that you upload it to Facebook too.

  1. Build Community:

    Not just that, in order to get more engagement what is equally important as the quality of content and the sharing you do yourself is to build a community, Building an organic community with a lot of people that are your audience in real and a base of people from your own industry, supporting you can help your social media handles in different phases.

It is equally important to also see to it that you use various social media marketing techniques, as Social Media Marketing is something that would allow you to target the audience that you want too to show your content to only. You can target the people on the basis of their age, occupation, area reach and many more such features. The ads on various social media platforms, be it using Adverts on Facebook or the sponsored ads on Instagram, or the pop-up or display ads that we see on YouTube  (which are a part of remarketing campaigns) are all advertisements that can help our social media platforms get better business, and perform better with social media optimization techniques.

These are all but just a glimpse into the social media marketing and social media optimization world, to know more about anything related to Digital Marketing, make sure to enrol yourself in Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and be trained by the best Digital Marketing Individuals that India has to offer.

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