All You Need To Know About Domain Authority?

Today, let’s talk you through an important SEO ingredient known as domain authority or DA. Basically it is a term which measures on how a website is going to be ranked on the SERPs. Domain authority and page authority (PA) are two sides of a coin but different from each other. PA is used to measure how individual pages of a website are ranked on search engines.

All You Need To Know About Domain Authority
All You Need To Know About Domain Authority

Talking about DA, it is measured by making into use 40 factors that comprise of age, backlinks, popularity, MozRank, MozTrust scores, link counts etc. All these calculations and other factors are determined by a machine learning model.

How to measure Domain Authority:-

A website’s ranking can be in between 0 to 100 and new sites start their journey from the bottom and then grow as the time progresses. The domain authority of a website is normally calculated by keeping in mind a few factors that are going to be discussed below.

Currently there are a number of tools through which any site’s DA can be checked. The most important tool to check domain authority is known as MOZ bar. It is considered extremely significant due to the reason that it was built by the same bunch of people who created DA. While in Keyword Explorer, you will find a SERP analysis section that offers trustworthy information on the subject.

There are a number of tools online that are easily available and built to check domain authority.

Significance of domain authority:-

Every now and then, Google’s Algorithms are getting tougher and ranking a website isn’t an easy task now. Few years back, it was quite possible that you took a new website and went on to make it an authority blog in a matter of just six to seven months. Currently the same thing requires at least two years.

The reason behind it is that Google only ranks those websites that are relevant to the searches. For instance, your domain isn’t relevant, Google won’t rank it. When reading this news from an owner’s perspective it is quite frustrating but when we see it from a web user’s point of view, the news is welcomed.

Some sources warn people to not consider any information from the leading search engine to be credible but the fact is that Google is the most trusted and reliant platform when it comes to handy information needed by us. So, from Google’s point of view, DA is a necessary development and you need to have access to a quality domain authority checker for the measurement of it.

Important Factors:-

When you are looking to measure DA, there are three main factors that need to be given due importance and cannot be neglected. These are

  • ·         Age
  • ·         Popularity
  • ·         Backlinks

Let’s now discuss these factors one by one.


Considered as one of the most important factors, age acts as a significant factor for the website. If  your site is active since being live then it is going to have a positive and lasting effect and means that its domain is mature. For instance a website gets registered in 2014, a few posts are uploaded and then there are so signs of it being active, then the site will have a low DA.

But on the other hand if the owner or the person responsible for the site has kept it active and regularly updates the content and also keeps in mind website building practices, it is surely going to have high DA which can be checked easily by a website authority checker. Age is considered as an integral factor when it comes to measuring the credibility of a website.

If the site has old domain then it will be considered as a reliable one. It also enables your old visitors to visit it over and over again during the years and this is a clear cut indication of high authority.


Another important factor worth noticing is the popularity factor. For example if the content on your website is such that people like it, view it with interest, spend time on it, share and it gets indexed by hundreds of thousands of people, rest assured you are in the good books of Google and all these thing won’t let Google to ignore you.

All these are signs of a healthy and informative content on the website and the users love spending time on it. This will enable you to rank your pages on top of search results. All the well known websites around the world don’t have high DA on the first day but they wait and practice all useful things.


Don’t forget to create backlinks to and from your site. This is very important from SEO point of view. Backlinks also act as a factor that enhances the domain authority of the site, which can easily be measured by a reliable and quality da checker. Backlinks to a site from sites having high DA is a clear indication of trust in the content that you have posted on the website.

These backlinks ensure a consistent and increase in the ranking of your website and also enhance your visibility.

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