List of Inexpensive and Reliable WordPress Hosting Services for Your Blog

Wordpress Hosting Services for Your Blog

Being new in the field, users do not know much and end up paying huge amounts for web hosting plans that they do not even need. Here is piece of useful advice for those who are about to start their WordPress blog and are shopping for hosting plans for the same. They can go for shared hosting services which are not cheap or inexpensive but are affordable and genuine for freshly minted WordPress blog. Plans like this will be nearly 50% less in price than other hosting forms like managed WordPress hosting or VPS hosting. Here, we bring you top three WordPress hosting services which are perfect for a new blog on WordPress.

Wordpress Hosting Services for Your Blog
WordPress Hosting Services for Your Blog

1) Bluehost (4.95 dollars per month with unlimited hosting):

It is one of the most affordable Web hosting services available. They provide many packages of hosting services or one can simply go for their plan offered for Web hosting for shared services. The many benefits like fast SSL certificate, which is a search engine ranking factor is one such thing which makes this service a preferred choice among users. The latest version of PHP (PHP 7.0) is offered by Bluehost which makes the performance of your site faster than any other hosting companies.

2) Siteground:-
It is a standout among Hosting Services because it offers fabulous support and outstanding quality. For starters, the best option is to go with its shared service among which PHP/My SQL is the reliable name. Here are some shared hosting packaged services pointed below after discounted prices after one applies the coupon code.

• Startup: One website hosting
• Growbig: Unlimited site hosting & most popular plan
• Grow Geek: Free private IP + Private SSL

3) Inmotion:-
Inmotion Is renowned for its excellent customer support and server quality. It is Los Angeles. They are one of the best and inexpensive hosting services in contemporary times and can be bought at a very suitable price. The price is less and the quality support for costumes are excellent and that is the prominent factor which makes Inmotion one of the loved web hosting sites.