DIY Performance Testing Steps to Check a Used Server

Are you one of those individuals who experienced a particular bug destroyed your app user experience. However, why do stuff like that occur? The solution is very basic: a lack of testing.

In case you didn’t know yet, the testing phase is a vital part of app development. Yet, a few developers underestimate it. The issue is that the likelihood of bug showing raises with each life of code. What’s more, the expenses of bug fixing increase with time.

Testing Steps to Check a Used Server
Testing Steps to Check a Used Server

Performance testing results are much more relevant and dependable when automated test scripts are utilized compared to manual test cases. Take note that performance testing is a way of quality assurance involving testing software apps. It enables you to know their performance at a given point in time.

Below are the steps you need to take for performance testing to check a used server:

  • Choose the server, which is monitored. You could choose “server1.”
  • While the application is running, the activity of the server is tracked by viewing and assessing the real-time data, which is gathered by Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) within the administrative console. The gathered PMI date assists in obtaining optimal performance.
  • The checkbox for “Server1” is picked. On clicking “Start Monitoring,” the performance viewer begins monitoring the PMI data of the application server.
  • Some of the parameters data, which could be viewed and analyzed, are Summary Reports, Settings, Advisor, and Performance Modules.
  • User configuration, as well as logging setting, is performed so the server performance logs could be seen in the administrative console. Such settings also impact the performance of the application server.
  • The real-time data recorded by performance viewer, such as server performance logs, could be seen later as well.

Performance testing could also simulate the performance test conditions from various client machines. You can reach out to the Used IBM servers individually; however, it will not be a very efficient way of running a performance test. Thus, bear in mind that not everything could be performed manually.

Always bear in mind that performance testing is known as one of the most complicated and technical kinds of software testing. It needs comprehensive technical knowledge. Automated test scripts bring in a massive value to your testing effort. You must not stop discovering new ways to be combined, along with performance testing. DIY manual testing could play a helping part.

The performance of an application should be assessed for its bandwidth under various accessible network speeds. Further, a fast preliminary database performance test could be accomplished manually to achieve the needed information.

Therefore, in all such instances, basic performance testing could be accomplished without any automation scrips. You might require some monitoring or diagnostic tools. Nonetheless, overall automation isn’t absolutely needed.

A performance tester could also mimic the performance of test conditions from various client machines by reaching out to the servers individually. However, that will not be a very efficient means of performing a performance test. Thus, bear in mind that not everything could be done manually.

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