Job Anxiety: Things to Remember and Survive

Anxiety is usually defined as a feeling of nervousness or worry regarding some event or outcome. The reason can be multiple factors including job, responsibilities, family or finances. As a human, we counter such situations time and again; however; some people might find it hard to manage in such situations.

This can lead to mental stress, irritation, physical weakness and even depression. Many psychologists believe that such people should not limit themselves completely and try to participate in every aspect of life.

Usually, 10 out of 9 people say that stress badly affects their personal life, performance at work, relations with colleagues or supervisors. Stress at the workplace is an inevitable truth, and people are often found running away from it.

According to my experience and understanding of the concept, here are some of the important points which will help you to realise when you need to be extra cautious.

Always Remember

  • Avoidance is one of the biggest factors of dealing with anxiety which is why a person must participate in life with an open heart without any regrets or judgements.
  • You must realise and understand what is essential for you and work in a similar direction.
  • If you wait for your office hours to end soon or do not wish to go to the office, then it might be due to work anxiety.
  • Inability to concentrate/focus, loss of productivity or failures in meeting deadlines can also increase your anxiety levels.
  • Anxiety often creates a negative environment around you which gradually affects everything in your life unless you take control.

How to handle work anxiety?

How to handle work anxiety
How to handle work anxiety

Acceptance is the Key

Everyone, at some point in time, has suffered from anxiety and this is pretty normal. The individual needs to accept the fact that situations come and go and it should not affect your mental health. Acceptance of the current situation rather than trying to push it away will help you take the necessary steps.

Always voice out your thoughts and emotions so that it becomes easy for other people to understand your situation. Even if you are consulting someone to seek advice don’t hide anything or keep it in your heart.

Especially when it comes to working anxiety, find someone you can trust completely and share your problems. Try to find a way out because the more you keep it inside, the more it will affect you.

Don’t Compromise on Health

When you are depressed or worried about something, it is important to keep yourself positive and motivated. Health is an important and significant part of life which is why it is the first that’ll get affected. Having a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, sleep and exercise will keep you confident in life.

Show some love to yourself and invest in yourself. Make yourself strong and work on your weaknesses. Not everyone can handle work pressures; therefore if you are suffering from one then find an alternative for yourself.

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Keep yourself engaged in physical activities or meditation. You can control your brain, and through meditation, your body sends positive signals to the brain keeping it calm and composed even during extreme situations.

Avoid Bitching

Many workplaces have an extremely political environment which is why many people get involved in the act to safeguard themselves from those in power. Bitching or complaining about other people can be fun for a while and give you interesting gossips.

In the long run, it only builds up stress and anxiety. Choice of people in the office is as critical as establishing a company. Always watch out for the company of people you chose if you do not want to get stuck in a negative work environment.

There might be no ill-intentions in your mind but discussing them with a wrong person might bring in trouble for you.   

Set Deadlines

Your work is the only shield you have in a job. Being hardworking, professional and improving your skills will always guard you against all the negativity around your office. Don’t forget your reason for being in the office.

If you are sound professionally and meet all your deadlines, then there are few chances of other problems bothering you. At times, it is possible that you are not able to meet the deadlines. For this, try to fix small goals for you daily.

Take a break from work when you need and try not to think of the future. Focus on single task at a time and complete it within the time decided by you. This will keep you focused and composed for a while.

Don’t Shy Away

There are several employee assistance programmes which focus on issues faced by people due to job anxiety. It will also help you to tackle mental issues and stress. Initially, it is difficult to accept the fact that someone is experiencing an anxiety problem.

However; taking the initiative can make you a role model for various other people. You can also consult a professional psychologist to seek advice on how to tackle the situation and concentrate on work as well.

You need to keep fighting from all the stress and struggles in your life because it’s all going to end one day. None of the days is similar so always try to be positive, keep yourself motivated and be with good people.

At the end,

It is normal to have a little job anxiety, but if this grows with time and it becomes difficult for you to handle the situation, then you must never run away from any help. While most of the people take this as a lesson in their life anxiety can also be dangerous for the ones who fall victims to it.

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