India – The Country of Unending Pleasures and Impeccable Beauty

India is a vast country and to experience India in its perfect demeanour one needs to take holidays package deals to get to know varied cultures, different traditions, local cuisines and everything that makes a place so unique in the Indian map. As we live in our native places, we remain exposed only to the culture that exists within few miles of where we stay.

But as we go out and visit other places outside our cultures, we broaden our vision and perspective which helps us to grow as a person. Holidays actually mean much more than just taking some time off and going out with your family to another city. Holidays help us to create memories, meet other people, get in touch with our inner consciousness and relax our nerves even unknowingly as we make time for the smaller pleasures of life.

Tourism in India:-

The best part is today one can simply get in touch with a tour company at the drop of a click and get different quotes and customized packages from several tour operators according to their needs. Whether it’s an adventure holiday you want to opt for or you are looking for a spiritual sojourn, there is no shortage of the various tour packages one can avail of in today’s times. As the tourism in India has been on an upswing every single year, let’s take pride in the fact that our country is one of the most visited continents in the whole world and we have no dearth of exotic treasures that are there to explore. Let’s look at some cities which remain a favourite amongst most of the best tour packages with every tour operator.


Kerala isn’t really a state whose beauty needs to be pitched because the beauty of the beaches, temples, boat races, spas and wellness centres speak for themselves! Whether it’s about doing an elephant ride in the forests, cruising through the backwaters in those floating villas (Kerala houseboat), exploring the quaint streets of Fort Kochi, visiting the enormous waterfalls of Athirapally in the Thrissur district or gorging on the yummy and lip-smacking banana chips and the payasam and rasam made by the south Indians, these dreams are unending until you feel them being in the perfect surroundings in this particular state. Kerala has so much to offer that you will simply not feel like coming back home. Make sure you never return without some coffee and tea bags and taking large sips of filter coffee along with some cardamoms. Mind you, Kerala has the best of these that you will ever find anywhere else.


Himachal Pradesh, the land of snowy mountains, tuneful streams, pure mountain breeze, soft fragrance of pine woods and awe-inspiring landscape reminds us of nothing less than magic! There is so much to learn, experience and see that you will just never return without gaining a world of knowledge from this part of India when you opt for any of the holiday package deals. Being a conglomeration of beautiful places like Mcleodgunj, Dalhousie, Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala etc., Himachal is also one of the most popular and frequently visited spots of India which never losing out on its charm. Whether it is the snow-clad mountains, tall pine trees or enormous valleys you want to explore, Himachal is a perfect choice and just never out of fashion.


One of the best tour packages with every tour company is undoubtedly, a Goa tour package. The popular tourist destination of Goa is neatly tucked into the Western Coast of India and is famous for its lip-smacking seafood and active beaches. Goa is all about the sun, sea, and sand teamed up with a vibrant culture, exotic cuisines and mesmerizing locations that makes a perfect combination for your fun-filled vacation.  If you are an avid party person and love to have some rocking nights in a carefree place then, Goa is the place for you. And if you want to have some days of relaxation and enjoyment at a place which has the sun, sand and sea in order and where you can have some fun times with your family, then Goa is the most ideal location. Basically, it’s a city where no one cares and no one disturbs you whatever you do.


Northeast India is a gem to be discovered, one of the unexplored destinations in India. This part of our country surely makes for the most beautiful landscapes for your pictures and the sweet native people here simply bowl you over with their love and hospitality. Northeast has just so much to offer –from the pristine range of Himalayas and hill stations, ancient tribes, mighty Brahmaputra, wildlife sanctuaries to the living culture and emerald tea estates and spices.  Simply relish some delicious food and enjoy some local music and colourful festivals even as you get charmed by the natural beauty, waterfalls, lakes, exciting adventures and the Buddhist culture in full glory. All you will end up doing is returning home with an experience so rich that you wouldn’t be able to put into words.

Being loved by tourists from all over the world, India remains one of the most visited countries on the global map in today’s times. Rather than getting attracted by some foreign shores, let’s take pride in the vastness of the country with the colourful culture and traditions along with the stunning and breath-taking landscapes that are still to be explored by us. Next holiday, let’s travel to another city on the Indian map and be mesmerized by the phenomenal and extraordinary beauty of our country.

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