Important Tips to Help You Prepare for a CNA Test

After you successfully go through and complete your nursing assistant training, the next natural step involves completing your CNA exam so that you can receive your certification. The certified nursing assistant exam is designed to test your competency and your future as a professional so it is important that you set time aside to prepare for it.

Important tips to help you prepare for a CNA test
Important tips to help you prepare for a CNA test

The CNA exam will be made up of questions designed to test the competencies and skills that you will have acquired throughout your training.  If you are currently getting ready to sit for your CNA competency exam, here are some tips that can help you prepare for guaranteed success:

Make sure that you set time aside for studying

To pass your competency exam, you will obviously need to carve out some time in your schedule for studying. Setting aside an hour or two each day can ensure that you cover all concepts and materials, as well as give you time to internalize everything you have learned.  Just make sure to start studying early on during your training because the last thing you want is to cram study time one or two weeks before the exam date. Consider preparing flash cards or investing in a test preparatory book to give you an added edge.

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Take as many practice tests as you can

During your CNA certification at Training Direct, your instructors will supply you with a variety of study materials as well as administer several practice tests to acquaint you with and prepare you for the exam process. If you can, try and take as many practice tests as you can especially if there are certain areas of your training that you are struggling with. Practice tests also come in very handy as they will teach you how to time yourself so that you do not run out of time during the actual test.

Join a study group

Joining a study group can be a great idea because it will allow you to talk through some of the concepts and study materials, which will, in turn, be much easier to understand and recall the study material during the actual test. Having discussions with others that are going through the same process can allow difficult concepts to stick while taking the stress out of the test taking process.

Carry out some research

The CNA exam is typically divided into two parts; the practical and the written sections. Try and carry out some research during your study sessions so that you can learn what to expect. The practical session is designed to test your technical knowledge while the written sections generally test your intuition as a CNA professional as well as your empathy.

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