Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Kerala that You Must Visit During World Tour

The People Of Kerala

Indian Mystique

Traveling can be a fun, stimulating, memorable adventure; or it can be a traumatic nightmare. Which of these two extremes will more extensively characterize a given Kerala Tour is, to a certain extent, up to you. But once you learn to travel, you can go anywhere, do anything, and come away with positive memories of your adventures on the trip. This is especially true for places like Kerala.

If you’ve never been to Kerala, it’s one of those almost hidden spots in the world that has yet to be overcrowded, but still retains a great deal of mystique, wonder, relaxation, and beauty. Now that said, it is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations; so if you want to fully enjoy a trip there, it will make sense to be a little strategic.

Arranging Travel And Understanding Kerala

Kerala is a remote locale. It’s located on the southernmost tip of India, on the western side of the sub-continent. If you’re going to travel there, you may very well have to charter a flight.

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and depending on your purpose of the visit try to plan some of the things ahead. For instance, if you are gonna propose a girlfriend or get married on the beach, beside wedding ring and bride’s dress you have to pack all the papers (certificate of birth, copy of the important documents, and depending on where you from much more) to do this in the legal way possible.

Since Kerala is a small place that is relatively unknown to the modern world (it’s only 15,000 square miles, plus or minus a few—it’s a little under half the size of Ireland), it’s possible you’ll find excellent travel deals there, depending on season. But don’t let its size fool you. Kerala is still an Indian locality, and that means people are everywhere. The nation has around thirty-three million residents.

And while the modern world may have forgotten, or at the very least disregarded, this slice of paradise, it still has deep history. Kerala is well known as a major exporter of spice, and has done as much since around 3,000 BC, according to some estimates. (This may, in fact, be closer to 2,000 BC, but it will depend on who you ask.)

The region has a very tropical feel to it. If you read the chronicle linked in the population statement earlier in this writing, you’ll find that Kerala has been regarded as the “spice garden of India” for centuries. Accordingly, it’s to be expected that the topography will have a diverse, tropical feel: gardens full of spices need the proper climate!

Kerala’s Regional Topography And Wildlife

There are many inlets, backwaters, and currents which are regularly traveled by locals bringing in spice, as well as vacationers just enjoying the tropics on a houseboat through the jungle. As you travel east, you’ll find high mountains sliced through with gorges. The highest peak of this range is around 8,800 feet, and is tallest in south India.

You can expect temperatures to average in the mid-eighties to mid-nineties year around, and lows to be in the seventies. It’s a rainy place that gets about 115 inches of rain a year. For reference, that’s five inches short of ten feet. No wonder Kerala is reputed to be India’s spice garden!

There is a great variety of wildlife in this area, too. From Indian elephants to the great hornbilled birds that appear as though they were great toucans, to all manner of jungle creature. Insects, flowers, and tropical fruits abound. Coconuts are everywhere, and you can expect this region of the world to flesh out exotic expectations planted in youth and matured in the imagination as time goes by.

The People Of Kerala

A rich and vibrant culture surfeits the region, and exists in a composite sense from a mixture of primarily matriarchal authority, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. There is culture in Kerala, and it is definitely of a diverse type which has its own particular flavor. While you can expect most districts to be Hindu, you’ll also find some strong Islamic quarters, and according to Wikipedia, over 18% of the country is Christian; balancing things out to a degree.

The vast majority of locals fit the general demographic of the region, though; so those who call Kerala their home full time likely come from a long line of natives that have done the same. While this may not be the place for an Irish vacation to transition into new residency, as some travelers are wont to do when they find a nigh-perfect locale, it’s certainly one of those global gems that is worth exploring.

India is a vast region with many diverse cultures that have deep history silhouetted in mystery and intrigue. From the winding waterways to the high mountains, vibrant festivals, and tenured locals, Kerala is an Indian destination worth chartering a flight to, should the opportunity arise.

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